A Prayer for Priests

St John of Kronstadt

St John of Kronstadt https://www.orthodox.net//ikons/john-of-kronstadt-photo-01.jpg

O Lord, let Thy priests be clothed with righteousness;

Let them always remember the greatness of their calling;

Let them not be entangled in the snares of the world and the devil;

Let them be saved from the cares of the world,
the delight in riches,
and the desire for other things entering into their hearts.


St. John of Kronstadt




Pray this prayer for your priest (whether you like him or not, trust him or not, respect him or not), and your spiritual father, and any other priest you care about (and especially the ones you do not care about!) Either one at a time, or all at once, modify the prayer to refer to them by name....

St John of Kronstadt https://www.orthodox.net//ikons/john-of-kronstadt-03.jpg

O Lord, let Thy priest (NAME(s)) be clothed with righteousness;

Let (him (them)) always remember the greatness of (his (their)) calling;

Let (him (them)) ánot be entangled in the snares of the world and the devil;

Let (him (them)) ábe saved from the cares of the world, the delight in riches, and the desire for other things entering into (his (their)) heart(s).
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Thank you to Fr John Cassian for finding this prayer and commenting before it, saying words that ring true for every priest. I am following his request, and have entered into a "prayer of agreement" with him. I invite you to also pray for him, and me. Above are two pictures of saints. Below is the a picture of the unworthy priest I am asking you to pray for:


Almost Pascha. Holy Saturday Liturgy, after the Rose petals have been thrown. Priest Seraphim Holland https://www.orthodox.net//photos/priest-seraphim-10-holy-saturday-at-altar.jpg


Almost Pascha! Holy Saturday Liturgy. Priest Seraphim Holland

Priest Seraphim Holland 2016áááá


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