• Confession
  • Most of the following in a RTF document Other formats: PDF  
  • Rank each sin, from 0=not a sin to 5=the worst sin possible.
  • There is usually no right or wrong answer, and some things are a little ambiguous, and are hard to classify as a sin or not a sin without more information. Interpret the questions as you want to, but lean towards the action being described as being sinful. These possible sins are meant to make you think, and are a springboard for discussion. The table of sins could also be used to prepare for confession. You can sort it however you want, adding or subtracting things that may be issues in your life. See the Word or rtf Document links to download this file to work on it.
  • A two column chart for confession in Russian and English.
  • This is good for preparation for Confession, but perhaps a bit too detailed for using in confession.
  • A brief two column chart for confession in Russian and English.
  • This is excellent for a Russian speaking person who has difficulty confessing in English to bring to confession.
    The more detailed chart is better for preparation for confession.


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