Megalynaria of the Theotokos
Sung after the Supplicatory Canon to her

Higher than the heavens above art thou,
And thou art much purer
than the radiance of the sun;
for thou hast redeemed us
out of the curse that held us.
O Mistress of creation,
with hymns we honor thee.

From the great abundance of all my sins,
ill am I in body,
ailing also am I in soul.
Thee have I as refuge;
do thou, therefore, help me,
O hope of all the hopeless,
for thou art full of grace.

O Lady and Mother of Christ our God,
receive supplication
from us wretches who beg of thee
that thou make entreaty
unto the One born from thee;
O Mistress of creation,
do thou intercede for us.

Now we chant with eagerness unto thee
with this ode most joyful,
O all-hymned Mother of our God;
together with the Baptist
and all the saintly choirs,
beseech, O Theotokos,
that we find clemency.

Speechless be the lips of the impious
who refuse to reverence
thy revered icon which is known
by the name Directress,
and which hath been depicted
for us by the Apostle Luke the Evangelist.

O all ye arrays of Angelic Hosts,
with the holy Baptist,
the Apostles' twelve-numbered band,
all the Saints together,
as well as God's Birthgiver,
pray make ye intercession
for our deliverance.