Dometian, Schema-Bishop And Hieroconfessor Of Tyumen

Schema-Bishop Dometian (Lokotko), whose name was once Demetrius, was consecrated as the yedinovericheskij Bishop of Tyumen in 1924 (according to another source, he was consecrated in 1918 and became Bishop of Tyumen in 1924). In 1923 he was arrested and sentenced to three years' exile. In 1927, when Metropolitan Sergius issued his infamous "Declaration", he came out in opposition to it. In the same year he took the schema. As a result, he was arrested and exiled. According to one (dubious) source, he may have taken part in Catacomb Church Councils in 1928, 1948 and 1961. In the 1960s, after returning from exile, he lived in the settlement of Kedrovo on the river Pechora. He died in the 1970s (according to another source, in the 1960s).

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