Ellie the miracle kid, healed by St Panteleimon

Monastery Pilgrimage, Spring 2016

May 17, 2016 Tuesday

Ellie, the miracle kid, being held by Priest Seraphim https://www.orthodox.net//photos/monastery-pilgrimage-2016-ellie-held-by-priest-seraphim-01.jpg



Ellie is a goat kid who was brought back to life by St Panteleimon. This is her story, and why it matters. Her name is because of St Panteleimon, which means "all-merciful". It is a shortening of "eleison", the Greek word, meaning "mercy"

Audio of Ellie's story here: https://www.orthodox.net//full-voice/full-voice_2016-05-17+monastery-pilgrimage+ellie-the-miracle-kid-and-st-panteleimon.mp3


Ellie being bottle fed https://www.orthodox.net//full-voice/monastery-pilgrimage-2016-ellie-being-bottle-fed.jpg

Ellie being bottle fed


Ellie nursing at the bucket. https://www.orthodox.net//photos/monastery-pilgrimage-2016-ellie-nursing-at-the-bucket.jpg

Ellie nursing at the bucket.


Priest Seraphim Holland 2016áááá


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