+Daniel's  List

In memory of +Daniel, our son/brother/uncle/friend

https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.html, https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.doc & https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.pdf (the most up to date will always be doc and pdf)

This list is part of the Memorial page for +Daniel: https://www.orthodox.net//daniel

Contact Daniel's mother: Marina: mmarinaholland@yahoo.com, father: Priest Seraphim: seraphim@orthodox.net

https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/daniel-bandana-03.jpg+DANIEL[1] reposed on the Sunday of All Saints, June 11, 2017 (ns), while trying to swim across the Spree river near the Ebertbrücke, 10117 Berlin. He was on a college trip, studying abroad.

Daniel had time, and cared for anyone who crossed his path. He was always very kind, and was always able and willing to give his full attention to anyone, in any conversation or encounter. These rare virtues, mentioned by everyone who knew Daniel well, is the main reason for this list, and the reason for the various categories of people that we pray for. If you are a Christian, `kindness" starts with empathy and understanding of the human condition and God's great mercy to us all, and will always include prayer for others, known/unknown, friendly/hostile, believing/unbelieving.

Please pray for Daniel. He is an Orthodox Christian[2]. An explanation of why/how/when, and two suggested prayers, is at https://www.orthodox.net//trebnic/prayer-for-every-departed-person-in-the-psalter.html

This list has Categories, related to +Daniel, and his life, death, and legacy.

It is divided into "Orthodox Christian" and "Not Orthodox Christian"[4], because we have the custom of commemorating all Orthodox Christians in a particular way in the Divine liturgy. That is the only difference in these categories. All are prayed for. If you download Daniel's list and use it for prayer, please let us know. Priest Seraphim Holland  seraphim@orthodox.net

The best way to remember +Daniel and honor his memory is not only to pray for him without fail, and to recall all of his earthly accomplishments and fun times with him, but especially to remember his kindness, and be kind in his name. Hence, in partial fulfillment of this lifelong goal, "+Daniel's list. Links for everyone to read/download: https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.doc & https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.pdf


Reposed. 3

O:Orthodox:Reposed. 3

O:Orthodox:Reposed Suddenly. 3

O:Orthodox:Reposed of someone who prays for Daniel 4

NO:Not Orthodox:Reposed. 5

NO:Not Orthodox:Reposed Suddenly. 5

NO:Not Orthodox:Reposed of someone who prays for Daniel 6

Living. 7

O:Orthodox:Living. 7

O:Those who have agreed to pray for Daniel 7

Clergy. 7

Lay. 8

Australia. 11

Bulgaria. 11

France. 11

Malaysia. 11

Mexico. 11

Romania. 11

Sweden. 11

O:Those who have lost a loved one suddenly or tragically. 12

O:Those who have been kind. 13

O:Requests of those who pray for +Daniel 13

Not Orthodox:Living. 14

NO:Those who have agreed to pray for Daniel 14

NO:Those who have lost a loved one. 14

NO:Those who have been kind. 14

Pray for +DANIEL (6/11/2017) 16

Thank you for praying for +DANIEL (6/11/2017) 17






O:Orthodox:Reposed Suddenly

+Daniel (+06/11/2017 Holland)[5]

+Alexander (son of Fr Valery, Mat Elena)

+Sergei (mother:Lyudmyla, died 1 day different than +Alexcander)[6]

+Seraphim (Galimore)

+Caleb (06/13/2009, son of sdn Thomas)[7]

+Katherine, Christos (engaged, she was 20, died in hit and run 20 years ago)

+Christopher (infant brother of Nadia Colias)

+Nikolai (Monastery told of His death the Tuesday after Daniels death. He also drowned)

+Basil (Work) [8]



+Vasilios (from Maria Powel)

+Jacob Daniel (from Cherie Adams, see note for her)

+Michael[11] (Truhillo, Austin)


+Patricia ( +10/23'/2013, wife of Louis Whitaker)[13]


+ Viktor, Pavel, Artemiy[15]

+Ivan ( June 25, 2016, son of Archpriest Leonid & Anna)

+infant Luka  (Elissa Bjeletich's son, SIDS)

+Alexander, George,Nicholas  (see note for Susanna Ivask and this)[16]

+IoanVlad (see alexandra Smith)

+George (51, see Alexandra Smith)

Taissia (hit by car, see Lorraine Viscidi Kavalkovich)[17].

+Catechumen:Adam (Newell)

+Sebastian (grandson of Elizabeth Riggs)[18]

+Igor (10/20/2017, St Seraphim or Sava parishioner)

+Kevin (see Elizabeth White + May 25, 1995 )[19]

+Ibrahim (Daniel, Bishoy +Oct 22, 2012)[20]

+Andrey (2017-10-26? husband of Larissa)

+ATTGM:David (Ash)

+ATTGM:Lee (in Australia)

+ATTGM:Xenia (see notes for Susanna Ivask)

+ATTGM:Gregory (25 y/o see Alexandra Smith)

+ATTGM:Eugene (09-11-2017)[21]

+ATTGM:Daniel  (son of Priest Michael)



O:Orthodox:Reposed of someone who prays for Daniel

+Rita, +Marija  +Kraljev[22]

+Eugene, Calliope, Theofano-Theodora Vassily, Evmenios (see note for Nina Papadopoulos)

+George (june 28th, father of Reader Matthew)

+Maria (wife of Andrei Charles Kovacs ckovacs@ringling.edu)

+Olga (CA, wife of Priest Nikolay Pravitsky)

+Ivan (Feb. 23, 2015 husband of Elizabeth White)




NO:Not Orthodox:Reposed


NO:Not Orthodox:Reposed Suddenly

+NO:Susan  (cousin of Fr Sergius reposed 6/16/2017)

+NO:Peter (Barrett) Tomasz  friend of Fr Sergius

+NO: Jamison (son of Cathy Hoosier)

+NO:Samuel (Barhy)[23]

+NO:Brian, Aaron (friend of Fr Benedict when he was a young man)


+NO:Kymberly, Jacob (see note for John Gabriel Barry)

+NO:John  (from Juliana Thetford)[25]

+NO:Preston ( +2007-08-14, auto accident in McKinney, son of Pam Fortner)[26]

+NO:Brandon (21, mother, O:Angela see Alexandra Smith)

+NO:Janine (see Lorraine Viscidi Kavalkovich)

+NO:Jeff       ( +09/08/2017, brother of Heather, fiancée of Vasily Newell))

+NO:David, +NO:Preston, +NO:Ashley (brother,brother,niece, Preston is above, Fr Joseph Gleason)[27]

+NO:Melodie (friend of Rosie, who prays for +Daniel)[28]

+NO: Abouna Simon Shehata  (Coptic priest, murdered) [29]

+NO:Michael (son of Rhonda)

+NO:ATTGM:Todd  (Whitson)


+NO:ATTGM:David (Alexander Lee Oskerson)[30]

+NO:ATTGM:Nathan, Joseph (see Maria-Catharina)



NO:Not Orthodox:Reposed of someone who prays for Daniel

+NO:Rodney (King, req by Subdeacon Chris Nicholas, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Belleville, Ontario)


+NO:Eugene, Hazel, Sherry, Timothy, Earl (family of Donnis B. Gavalas (Maria))[31]

+NO:Alexander, + NO:George (See Note for Susanna Ivask)





O:Those who have agreed to pray for Daniel





Bishop Irinei[32]

Priest Brendan[33]

Priest Silouan Philip Thompson[34]

Priest Matthew Harrington[35]

Archpriest Michael T[36]

Fr Benedict[37], Fr Sergius[38]

Archpriest Valery (Des Plaines, +Alexander)[39]

Archpriest Alexander[40]

Archpriest Gregory, Maria, Michael, Natalia  (Joyce)[41]

Priest Michael (Carney)[42]

Priest Aristibule (Adams, ROCOR, WR)[43]

Deacon David, Genevieve (Companik)[44]

Hieromonk Nektarios (Skete)[45]

V.Rev. Vasyl (Kuzmych, Milwaukee)[46] 

Priest Dimitry (Kulp)[47]

Priest Lubomir (Houston)[48]

Priest Zachary  (Rose)[49]

Priest Christopher (San Antonio)[50]

Priest Elias  (Kouri)[51]

Priest Nikolay, Alexander, Alexei (Cleveland, lost wife +olga Pravitsky)[52]

Hieromonk Alexander (Mi)[53]

Priest Matthew (Floyd)[54]

Priest Leontiy (Naidzions)[55]

Archpriest Ilya (Marzev)[56]

Hieromonk Timothy (Tadros)

Priest Daniel & Macrina, Melania (Franzen)[57]

Priest Samuel & Olga, Sami, Tomash (Seamons, Mountain Home)

Deacon Seraphim (Mountain Home)

Archpriest David (Straut)[58]


Other Clergy

Priest Nicolai & Katherine, Lazar, Kassiana, Maria, Ilya (Serbian, Joliet)[59]

Priest Nikolay & Rachael, Emilian, Philip (Albequerque, NM)[60]

Priest Macarius[61]

Priest Stephen & Valerie, Alexei, Anna, Matthew[62]

Priest Allen[63]

Priest Richard[64]

Priest Dimitri & Larissa (Jakimowicz)[65]

FrSava Stephen (Leida)[66]

Priest Joseph & Emily, Lucia, Macrina,  Mary, Brigid, Basil, Gregory, Theosebia, Kenneth (Gleason)[67]

Archpriest Athanasius, Kh. Michelle, Elizabeth,Nicole (Dresdow)[68]

Priest Benjamin & Presbytera Photini, Marina, Moses & Elizabeth, Benjamin, Miriam & Raul,  Arianna,Joaquin Anastacia, Lux [69]

Priest Panayiotis  (Pappas)[70]

Priest Paul-Barbara Lemmen

Priest Leonid (Goferman)[71]

Archpriest John  (Strickland)[72]

Abouna Philip (England)[73]

Priest Ephraim  (Donald Peters Donald@dpeterslaw.com)[74]

Priest Stephen (Ziton, Holy Trinity Gr OrthCh, Casper, WY)[75]

Priest Alexis (Augusta, GA,OCA)[76]

Priest Adam Sexton (OCA) [77]

Priest Justin Patterson (Lexington, KY,OCA)[78]

Protodcn. Ephraim (Birmingham, AL,OCA)[79]

Priest Photius (Avant)[80]

Monk Seraphim[81]

Abbess  Evfrosinia & sisterhood of Saint Elisabeth Convent[82]

Mother Barbara & Holy Nativity Convent



Subdeacon Jeremy, Monica, George (rel of Fr Joseph Gleason)[83]

Reader Daniel Rudder

Vassiliki & Mark[84]

Simone Velousis Poullas

Jennifer Bishop


Ann McLellan Lardas

Nikolai O'Gaffney[86]

Chrissi Hart[87]

Alfred Kentigern Siewers

Mary-Adele Allison[88]

Rebecca Anderson[89]

Ioachim Shim[90]

Elissa[91] (D. Bjeletich, also lost a son, Luka, to SIDS)


Michael (Janik)[93]

Reader David & Georgianne[94]


Maria  (Donnis B. Gavalas)[96]







Joseph  & Alexis[103], Philip, Alexander ,Anthony, Zachary


Alexandra & Michael, Ilia, Marina, Nikita





Alexander, Juliana, and their children[109]

Stavrophoremonk Symeon

brotherhood of  Novi Klostar Hermitage of St John Divine,

Reader Nathaniel, Stefan, Alexei, Sofija, Ana & Jelena[110]



Susanna & Serafim, Katerina & Alexander, Michael, Alexandra (Susanna Ivask)[113]

Tara (See also note for Samuel (Barhy)[114]

Reader Vitaly, Nadejda, Marina, Ivan, Kira[115] (rdr vitaly.permiakov)

Maria, George, Katie, Eugene, Alexander, Georgia, Athena, Nicholas, Jason, Stephan, Bridget, Sebastian Theodore, Kalliope, Nina (Nina Papadopoulos)[116]

Themelina Vassily George Vassily George Simeon John[117]  

John Kathryn Nicholas Damianos Anna George Panagiota Catherine Constantine Theodora Evangelis Tatiana John[118]


Patrick (Cumbie)[120]

Marcia (Crise)[121]

David (Dr David Life)[122]

Elizabeth (Sherie Mercier)[123]

Varus & Juliana, Paul, Caleb, Josiah, Gerasimos, Gregory, Sebastian, Anastasia[124] 


Margie [126]












Kirk & Carrie[138]

John (Burt Noyes)[139]


David (Robles)[141]

Juliana (Thetford, see note for NJohn, died suddenly)

Reader Matthew[142]

Steven (Congo)[143]


Natalia, Adrianos, Veronica Rebekah (Kristi Burke)[145]

John (Gabriel Barry)[146] 

Oksana (Selivanova - see note elsewhere. She lost a son)

Harry (Coin) [147]

Lorraine (Lorraine Viscidi Kavalkovich) [148]

Alexandra (Alexandra Smith)[149]

Elizabeth, Theodore (Riggs)[150]

Gabriel (Richard Hayman)[151]

Athanasios Paul[152]

Katherine (Poulos)[153]

Marianna (Frissell)[154]

Emed (Hana)[155]

Stephen (Mantzouris) [156]

Cypriana, Daniel[157]


Andrew (Jarmus)[159]

Paul & Maria, Kyriacos, Paraskevas, Ioanna (Kitsi, Aus)[160]



Angela (lost  son Brandon, see also Alexandra Smith)[163]

Subdeacon Chris Nicholas `)[164]

Helena (Boukas)[165]

Nathaniel & Genevieve, Angelica, Aidan, Cassia (Brown)[166]

Barbara (Bryant)[167]

Maria (Papadakis  lost son +Nicholas, 11)[168]

Joanne (Joanne Thanasoulis Zbravos)[169]

Andrew (Herbst) [170]

Demetrios (Costarakis)[171]

Andrei (Charles, his wife reposed, also praying for his children)[172]

Athanasius (Cory, met at wedding of Anna & Joachim)[173]

Marina (Logunov, also lost husband)[174]

Elizabeth (White, also lost son +Kevin)[175]

Sandra (Lashhorn Yeske)[176]



Jeremy (Wong)[177]


Elena (Bulgaria)[178]


Catalina & Raphael [179]


John[180] (Darren Ong)


Carlos Carlos Seraphim Carbajal[181]


Remus Mihai (Bucharest)[182]

Andrei & Petronela[183]


Sebastian (Sweden)[184]


O:Those who have lost a loved one suddenly or tragically.


Lyudmyla  (prays for +Daniel see +Sergei, has multiple Myelomma)

Vasily (Newell, brother:+Adam, +Jeff (09-09/2017, brother of fiancée Heather))

Ronda[185]  (pre-born son b/c of auto accident)

Cherie[186]  (Admas, +Jacob Daniel @16)


Priest Thomas[188]

Aigul-Vera (Faith)[189]


Catherine, Emlia (Amy), Elizabeth[191]

Alexander (see note for rdr vitaly.permiakov)

Matushka Valerie (SS.Peter & Paul's Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Passaic NJ)[192]

Priest Michel (Keiser, +Daniel)

Hoda Hanna  (see entry for son +Ibrahim)

Rhonda (+Michael, Mountain Home, AR)

Martha, Fr Benedict (his mother, see note for Fr Benedict)

Subdeacon Thomas, & Helene, Brendan, Genevieve, Anna, Stephanie (Sprunger, see note for him under his son +Caleb, age 13)[193] 

Ignatius (Oskerson, +David at age 11, 6/21/2017)

Debbie (Galimore, son +Seraphim)

Archpriest Leonid & Anna (+son Ivan)[194]

Priest John (Kluchko - see note elsewhere)

Louis (Whitaker, wife[195]:Patricia)

Olga (Bryant, God-son Eugene)

Oksana (Oksana Selivanova, son Viktor) [196]




O:Those who have been kind


Archpriest Andre &Tamara, Elizabeth, David (pastor in Berlin, very kind, indispensable in logistics and in love)[197]


Peter (secretary of Pokrov Church in Berlin)



O:Requests of those who pray for +Daniel


Michael (son of Donnis B. Gavalas (Maria))[198]

Nicholas, Anna, and Eva (children of Andrei Charles Kovacs ckovacs@ringling.edu)

Andrei & Yelena, Yaroslav (son of Lyudmylla, see +Sergei)



Not Orthodox:Living

NO:Jennifer, Bennet, Zachary, Daniel (see note for Dr David Life, his wife and children, 18,14,7 as of 7/2017)

NO:Carly, Jordan, Ian, Ethan (for Kristi Burke)

NO:Those who have agreed to pray for Daniel


NO:Fr Wade[200]

NO:Mel Kesser[201]


NO:Sherry (rc)[203]

NO:Megan, Michael,Wyatt, Lydia, Ellie.  (family of Michael Athanasius George Janik)[204]


NO:Those who have lost a loved one

NO:Hannah, Suzette, Jessee,Dylan

NO:David & Debby[205]

NO:Tawnya (Maddox)[206], NO:Courtney

NO:Gregory & Karla, Jessica (family of John, see note from Juliana Thetford)

NO:Pam (lost son Preston, see note)

NO:Heather                   (+Jeff (09-08/2017), brother.  Fiancée of Vasily Newell)


NO:Those who have been kind

NO:Annika (funeral director in Berlin, with incredible kindness)

NO:Gemma, Wensel  (Englishwoman married to Berliner, met in café, very kind, invited to her home, Jewish)

NO:Stephanie Greek Deli owner

NO:Emily, Michael Danish lifeguard and boyfriend, tried to save Daniel, talked on phone, very kind


Pray for +DANIEL (6/11/2017)

Title: Daniel, in France - Description: https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/daniel-bandana-03-watercolor.jpg


If you agree to pray for our +Daniel for the rest of your life, I will pray for you too (FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, every day), and put you on Daniel's list https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.html  & https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.doc & https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.pdf (the most up to date will always be doc and pdf)

+DANIEL (an Orthodox Christian) reposed on Sunday, June 11, 2017 (ns), while trying to swim across the Spree river near the Ebertbrücke, 10117 Berlin. He was on a college trip, studying abroad. Daniel had time, and cared for anyone who crossed his path. He was always very kind.

Please confirm that you will pray for Daniel - this is a lifetime commitment - since I am ready to make a lifetime commitment to pray for you. Please commemorate my son in every Divine Liturgy, and, if you have the strength, pray for him in your daily commemorations. I will reciprocate, and pray for you.

We will pray together.

An explanation of why/how/when, and two suggested prayers, is at https://www.orthodox.net//trebnic/prayer-for-every-departed-person-in-the-psalter.html

Additional teaching/resources regarding praying for the dead, life after death, dying, etc, are on Daniel's memorial page.

Updating Daniel's list is a little difficult for my poor secretary (me), so please check to see if your name is in the dyptichs, and remind me, as necessary.

Contact me by email: seraphim@orthodox.net , 972 658-5433, or Facebook



Thank you for praying for +DANIEL (6/11/2017)

Title: Daniel, in France - Description: https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/daniel-bandana-03-watercolor.jpg

Thank you for praying for our +Daniel. Please remember him in all liturgies, and, if you have the strength, in your daily prayers.

I will pray for you too, for the rest of my life, every day (with the exception, forgive me, of the occasional crazy, busy days that sometimes happen in life or ministry, but I assure you, I am quite consistent), and commemorate you in all Divine Liturgies. This is my promise to you, in gratitude for your prayers for my son.

We will pray together: for my son, and for you, and your immediate family.

If you have not explicitly told me that you will commit to praying for +Daniel, I would appreciate a note (via email, FB or phone text)

+DANIEL (an Orthodox Christian) reposed on Sunday, June 11, 2017 (ns), while trying to swim across the Spree river near the Ebertbrücke, 10117 Berlin. He was on a college trip, studying abroad. Daniel had time, and cared for anyone who crossed his path. He was always very kind.

You are on Daniel's list: https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.html  & https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.doc & https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/dyptichs-daniels-list.pdf (the most up to date will always be doc and pdf) This list is part of the Memorial page for +Daniel: https://www.orthodox.net//daniel

As part of my alms for Daniel's soul, I pray for those who have died in a sudden way, and those who have lost their loved one in a sudden way, and those who pray for Daniel. Please contact me regarding any of these categories.

An explanation of why/how/when, and two suggested prayers, is at https://www.orthodox.net//trebnic/prayer-for-every-departed-person-in-the-psalter.html.

Additional teaching/resources regarding praying for the dead, life after death, dying, etc, are on Daniel's memorial page.

Updating Daniel's list is a little difficult for my poor secretary (me), so please check to see if your name is in the dyptichs, and remind me, as necessary.

Contact me by email: seraphim@orthodox.net , 972 658-5433, or Facebook

[1] +Daniel's extended family at the time of his death is Parents: Priest Seraphim & Marina (Holland), sister Genevieve & Deacon Nicholas (Park), with nieces & nephew, sister Christina & Tim (McFadden) with nieces & nephew, brother Timothy & Elizabeth (Holland) with niece, sister Natalie and Matthias (King). He wrote a note to his family almost 2 years before he died, to be opened in case of emergency. He loved all of us very much. IF you desire to pray for use as well as +Daniel, we would be grateful, but +Daniel is the first priority.

[2] Orthodox Christians pray for the dead in their daily, private prayers, and also submit the names of those who are Orthodox for commemoration by the priest in the Divine Liturgy. The document mentioned: at https://www.orthodox.net//trebnic/prayer-for-every-departed-person-in-the-psalter.html  gives a short explanation of why/how/when we pray for the dead and two suggested prayers for use in private. We pray for all the dead in private, but our custom is to only commemorate in the liturgy those who are able to commune from the chalice in liturgy if they were alive. We commune only Orthodox Christians in the liturgy, therefore, the priest commemorates only Orthodox Christians. When the priest commemorates a person, living or reposed, in the service before the Divine Liturgy begins (it is called "Proskimedia", or "Service of Preparation"), he takes out a small particle of bread and puts it on the diskos (basically, a plate with a stand). At the end of the liturgy, he pours all these particles of bread in the chalice (which contains the body and blood of Christ), saying certain prayers. Priest Seraphim is like all other priests he has discussed this matter with, and routinely commemorates the Orthodox (living or reposed) by taking out a particle of bread for each, and prays privately without taking out a particle of bread for anyone who is not Orthodox.

[3] The word "dyptich" means "list". In this context, it is a list of names of people to pray for.

[4] See Note 2, above.

[5] +Daniel's extended family at the time of his death is Parents: Priest Seraphim & Marina (Holland), sister Genevieve & Deacon Nicholas (Park), with nieces & nephew, sister Christina & Tim (McFadden) with nieces & nephew, brother Timothy & Elizabeth (Holland) with niece, sister Natalie and Matthias (King). He wrote a note to his family almost 2 years before he died, to be opened in case of emergency. He loved all of us very much. If you desire to pray for use as well as +Daniel, we would be grateful, but +Daniel is the first priority.

[6] Lyudmyla.vladimir@gmail.coim. Last name Neukomm Friend of Mat Elena, wife of Archpriest Valery. Son +Sergei. Living son:Andrie, wife Yelena, son Yaraslav. She has multiple Myelomma. Met Prokrov, 2017

[7] Subdeacon Thomas Sprunger, 15026 Hurshtown Road, Grabill IN 46741. rasberryhillhomestead@yahoo.com or Thomas.sprunger@orthodoxtheologicalschool.org  Cell:260-452-4597 home:260 627-2560  Wrote to us regarding Daniel, Lost a son, Caleb to an accident, June 13, 2009

[8] Natalya Work Dear Father Seraphim, please add my husband William Work (Basil is his baptismal name) to the list, if possible. He died suddenly 5 months ago here in Russia. We met through your page on FB years ago!! Praying for the departed is the most important part of my life now. I will pray for Daniel as long as I live. My home parish here is also St.Nicholas.

[9] (Michael - Orthodox name) in your prayers. He reposed in the Lord 20 Oct 2016 from his struggle with brain cancer.

[10] Wife of Eric, Norman, OK

[11] Austin, auto accident, Michael Trujillo, altar server of Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church 1701 Peridot Rd., Pflugerville, Tx 78660.

[12] +June 8, 2017, 23 y/o, fall, father died a few years ago.  Reported by Aigul.

[13] Lewis Whitaker lhwhitaker@gmail.com

[14] Priest John Kluchko <jkluchko@gmail.com> 2017-08-10 No words can adequately express my thoughts about your loss. I can personally relate to your loss. Three years ago I was doing errands and upon returning home to find police in our driveway..my wife had fallen while trying to remove ice resulting in her death.  Being stunned, bewildered, grieve stricken, shock, - rapidity of feelings (emotionally dull) were just some of the things that I was dealing with. Clergy, family friends surrounded me, but then in time their presence diminished (normal) and had to deal with the loss without them. Prayerful remembrance continues, sharing memories with family and friends when we are together.  May our Savior give you strength.  Be assured that Daniel will remain in prayer.

[15] From Oksana Selivanova, Father Seraphim I checked Daniel list . My son Viktor is not there. Can you please add him? As I told you before I am already praying for you dear boy. I was recently at Jordanville Holy Trinity Monastery driving  my another son for the summer boys program.  We ordered a panikhida at church and prayed for Daniel too and other boys that died suddenly that I know. I actually heard about your son's death from father Luke . He told me about your son's death when I was telling him about my son. I also added Daniel to 40 days prayer at Jordanville


If you can please add another young boy Pavel, he was also drowned in Baltimore.  He is buried next to Viktor here at Rock Creek cemetary. There is another 18 year old boy Artemiy . He was shot by someone unknown here in Maryland one day before his graduation. He was a very good student and a handsome young boy. I feel sorry for all of them.


So the names are: Viktor, Pavel, Artemiy

July 4, 2017 Oksana Selivanova https://www.facebook.com/oksana.slivina?fref=ts

[16] I am writing to you to add an update to Daniel's list. I just checked it and see that two names I had previously provided, +Alexander and + George are both Orthodox and could be commemorated in the liturgy. I hope it is not too much to ask for several more?  My family has many such tragedies, I just didn't want to overwhelm you. All the names I give are Orthodox. So, ... ( another first cousin) was killed in a drug fight  ago. we don't know if it was self defense or murder but another preson was killed besides .. More tragic still, several years later, . beautiful daughter . age 15 died suddenly.

Lastly, a friend of mine Faina, from the neighboring parish , her son George age 45 died of a sudden heart attack on August 12, so he is within the 40 day period.

Im remembering Daniel and especially at sunset and thank you for the prayers for us living as well, we are going through some personal heartaches here as well.

Thank you, Father! I'm sure this list will be to your salvation as well as Daniel's!! See previous note for Susanna Ivask also.

[17] And my adopted son's biological mother, who was Orthodox, was hit by a car and killed. Her name was Taissia Lorraine Viscidi Kavalkovich

[19] Elizabeth White  Thank you, Father. Both Kevin (date of death May 25, 1995) and Ivan (Feb. 23, 2015) were Orthodox.

[20] Hoda Hanna October 22 at 10:36pm As I stand at your resting place, it is surreal to believe five years has passed. Five years without the presence of your voice, your quick wit, just your being Danny; the son, the brother, the friend, the cousin and nephew. You left too soon to begin your eternal journey, leaving behind a void that nothing earthly can fill. The unbelievable reality that your brother Stephen and I live with that you are gone. Yet, you are always with us, as we learn to live with the void and dull pain that is always there. Often, I ache for one last hug, one last kiss, and one last I love you. So much Love and tight hugs across the miles and space. Rest easy son, Mom! +Oct 22, 2012

[21] Good morning Fr. Olga Bryant asked if you can pray for Eugene her god son, who dies in an accident, September 11th, he's 20 years of age. Sent by https://www.facebook.com/oleksandr.bulat

[22] See note for Stavrophoremonk Symeon & brotherhood

[23]https://www.facebook.com/tara.barhy Dear Fr Seraphim, Thank you for making the sermon you gave at your sons funeral available for us. I'm based in Sydney, Australia so it's travelled far and wide and made a huge imprint on many of us. I've listened to it a few times over, posted it to our parish Facebook page which generated heartfelt response, I've typed the majority of your sermon out and my parish priest who was deeply moved is keeping it on hand for his own benefit. In the days to come I'll be distributing the recording to many that have been touched by death rather unexpectedly. This year will mark 10 years since I lost my dad very unexpectedly one morning. He suffered a brain aneurysm. After 10 years, God has shown His mercy on me in the form of your words. They have brought invaluable peace and clarity. Only He could understand that it would take 10 years for my heart to be ready to receive your words and to understand prayer, alms, works and love in its proper context. I understand that deep, deep pain has been the cost of those most blessed words. I only want to say that Daniels life and Daniels death have introduced into this world the healing hand of God for many of us. Your worldwide Orthodox family shares your pain at this time and most importantly you have our prayers, both personal and those we'll make for Daniel at the liturgy this weekend. May God hear our prayers. Take care Fr, and thank you for your faithful response in this trying time for you and your family. Surely it has been the grounds on which God has been able to do His good work. Tara.

I heard you mention Daniels List during the sermon. If you could kindly pray for my dad I'd be grateful. His name is Samuel Barhy. Whilst I'm part of the Eastern Orthodox Church, he was part of the Syriac Oriental Orthodox Church.

[24] Shane Matthew Spivey, in his 20's. Submitted by https://www.facebook.com/FriarWadeOnline

[25] Thetfords thetfords6@yahoo.com Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 2:02 PM Father, bless! Memory eternal for your beloved son Daniel. May his soul dwell with the blessed.

Daniel is in our nightly prayers, along with you and Matushka Marina and those that grieve. May the Theotokos keep you in her warm embrace and tenderly unite your hearts with Daniel's.

Please remember on Daniel's List our dear departed neighbor and friend, childhood classmate to our daughter (Marina, age 20): John. He drowned in our local Slippery Rock Creek the summer of 2014, when he was 17. He was hiking, exploring, in a risky, rocky area, where his mama warned him about, but he loved the challenge, the exuberance....and he's gone.  It rocked our world like nothing else.

He was not Orthodox, but lived on the adjacent property to the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration here in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, and loved God. He loved the Sisters also. We live here, too, as my husband Gregory is the resident caretaker of the monastery and we raised our 4 children here. So, we are all neighbors, on many acres of woods and fields.

Please remember his parents Gregory and Karla, and his 12 year old sister Jessica who remain to grieve and struggle and fathom eternity, and life, and death. . I listened to your talk on the 5 Loaves and 2 Fish and I am inspired to reach out again, some more.

Thank you for your prayers for John. Please be assured of our prayers. Daniel is working through you and with you.

Blessed Dormition of the Theotokos season! Please forgive any words which were not helpful.

Love in Christ, Juliana Thetford

[26] Pam Fortner:  post on 2018-08-14 "I miss you Preston! Ten years ago today you entered this intersection, a gravel truck ran a red light, and you went to be with God. I look forward to seeing you again! I love you!"

[27] Fr. Joseph Gleason Fr.Joseph.Gleason@gmail.com Иосиф Глисон 09/22/2017 Dear Fr. Seraphim, your precious son +Daniel is on our list, and we pray for him during our daily family prayers. In addition to praying for our family, please pray for these family members of mine, who perished tragically and unexpectedly:1 - My brother David died in 2005. He was sitting still at a red traffic light, and his car was hit by a bus. 2 - My brother Preston died in 2007. He was riding his motorcycle. A truck ran a red light, and hit him. 3 - My niece Ashley died in 2011. She was driving, her car slid on the ice, and she was hit by a truck. None of them were Orthodox. In your private prayers at home, I request that you remember them, and ask for God to have mercy on them.

[28] Please pray for my friend Melodie. She was shot and killed. It went through her back and heart. It has been 20 years this year. But I pray for her and miss her dearly. She was also a very kind person who really listened and cared. She helped me get off the street. And told me about Christ https://www.facebook.com/rosie.b.corey  , Wed 9/20/2017

[29] Once again, the dear Coptic Orthodox Church is in mourning. An Egyptian Coptic Priest, Abouna Simon Shehata, was murdered by a Muslim extremist while another priest was wounded. Father Simon was from the village Baba, from Beni Suef, Egypt. The deadly attack took place in Cairo by a man who was wearing a knife. The Priest's sectarian assistant, a source within the Coptic church, also added that a second priest was taken to the hospital following his injuries.  From Nicholas Joseph 10/12/2017 also http://theorthodoxchurch.info/blog/news/coptic-orthodox-priest-killed-in-egypt/

[30] Son of Troy (Ignatius) Oskerson  David died +June 21, 2017

[32] Note from Fr Sergius:  Also, Bp. Irenei of Sacramento just told me that they have been praying for Daniel in SF.

[36] Protoierei Michael Taratuchin I will continue to pray for Daniel both in proskomedia and in my daily prayers. Give me a list of your family, Fr. Seraphim and I will commemorate them, too.

[37] Fr Benedict has had significant losses in his life. His father Larry died when he was three. He was a policeman, and was murdered by a man he was trying to arrest. He also knew two young men who dies suddenly when he was a young man. His mother Martha is Orthodox.

[38] Fr Sergius  fr.sgs@holycross-hermitage.com knew two young men in high school who died in accidents and medical emergencies.

[39] Archpriest Valery, father of +Alexander

[40] Alexander Borodin https://www.facebook.com/alexander.borodin   Dear Fr, Thank you for this. Yes I will pray for Daniel at each proskomidia. Very sorry for your loss. Eternal memory to him and God give you all strength!

[41] Dear Fr. Seraphim, Thank you for the note and thank you for your prayers! . Of course we have been praying for Daniel and we will continue to. Gregory Joyce Archpriest <ogrisha@yahoo.com> July 16, 2017

[42] Priest Michael Carney villagepriest@gmail.com

[43] Aristibule Adams 01-19-2017 Father, we have him on our diptychs here at St. Brendan's Western rite (ROCOR) as well.

[44] https://www.facebook.com/dav.comp.3 Dear Fr. Seraphim, Father, bless! Daniel is remembered in our church and in my family's prayers. Memory eternal! Please pray for me.

[45] Hieromonk Nektarios frnektarios@stjohnskete.com Jul 19 Dear Fr Seraphim, Thank you for the links and prayer requests. We have been praying for the repose of Daniel and commemorating him at liturgies. I saw that you were on the schedule at Holy Cross. I hope s

[46] fr.vasyl.k@gmail.com Dear Fr. Seraphim,Let's pray. May the Lord take him into the kingdom of heaven. V. Rev. Vasyl www.trinityorthodoxchurch.org

[47] Fr. Dimitri Kulp frdimitrikulp@gmail.com Jul 19 We will do a pannikhida Father. Also, I will put Daniel on my permanent list.

[48] Lubomir Kupec agapit_irineos@yahoo.com Jul 19 Dear Fr. Seraphim, we have been commemorating Daniel in our church ever since we received the sad and painful news. We will have a Pannykhida on July 20 as it is the 40th day. Please, accept our deepest condolences. Your son Daniel will be remembered perpetually in St. Vladimir Church. With Love in IC-XC, Fr. Lubomir

[49] Zachary Rose zrrose@bellsouth.net Jul 18 Dear Father Seraphim,I have been praying for Daniel at every Liturgy since his repose and will continue to do so. May his memory be eternal!Yours in Christ,Fr Zachary

[50] Christopher Allen <frchristopher37@hotmail.com> Jul 18 Dear in Christ Fr. Seraphim, Christ is in our midst! I will certainly say pannikhida for Daniel on Thursday, though I will not be able to serve Liturgy. He is already now and will always be in my commemorations at each Liturgy I serve, and I have been praying for him since his repose. I also recall the newly departed at the Great Entrance each time I serve Liturgy during the Forty Days, and so he has been remembered by all of us here at Sts. Joachim and Anna in this way as well. May God grant you all peace and to Daniel, Memory Eternal!

In Christ,Fr. Christopher Allen Sts. Joachim and Anna Orthodox Church 4930 Research Drive San Antonio, TX 78240 www.stsjoachimandannaorthodox.org info@stsjoachimandannaorthodox.org

[51] Dear Father Seraphim and Family,I send this poor note of condolence for the loss of your beloved Daniel.  Although it is often beyond our understanding, our Good and Loving God allows us to experience, even the most unthinkable, for our salvation.  May He bless you with His peace always. Also, know that you and your family are in my unworthy prayers, and may Christ our Good Lord receive Daniel in His Heavenly Kingdom.  May his memory be eternal! Yours in our resurrected Christ,+Father Elias Khouri reveliaskhouri@gmail.com

[52] Kolya Pravitsky <pravitsky@yahoo.com> Jul 18 My condolence dear father Seraphim, I will serve panikhida for your son this day,and keep him on my prier list . May God vodvorit (accept) him on His Kindom, Memory eternal . May God gives you and your family spiritual and physical power go trough this .   I'll pray fr. Nikolay

[53] Fr. Alexander Reichert <hm_alexander@icloud.com> Jul 18 Dear Fr. Seraphim, Christ is in our midst. We serving daily Liturgy here and Daniel is on our permanent diptychs. So, yes there will a Liturgy at daniel's 40th day and a panakhida

[54] Fr. Matthew Floyd <greyhound609@gmail.com> Jul 18 I will be traveling to Utah to visit my son, Basil, on Thursday,  but rest assured that I will serve a Panikhida for Daniel Thursday morning. I have been remembering Daniel at the prokomedia at every Liturgy I serve and will continue to do so perpetually.

[55] Fr. Leontiy Naidzions <lnaidzions@gmail.com> Jul 18 Dear father Serafim , again please accept my condolence from me and my family, may God Lord give rest to His servant Daniel , Father  I will add Daniel in my diptich and I will serve panichida on 40 th day. Also dear Father Serafim want you to know  that I will  remember Daniel on Liturgys that I serve and You , Your family as well. Christ in our midst dear Father! In Christ, Rev. Fr. Leontiy Naidzions

[56] Ilia Marzev <imarzev@gmail.com> Jul 18 Dear Father Seraphim, My heart and prayers go out for you and your entire family.  Your son Daniel will be in our prayers especially on the 20th. What an unimaginable loss for your family!!! But what is a loss for us, through Gods love and mercy and lots of prayers, can be a gain in Heaven! This is what we pray for. I also pray for you and your family for God to give you consolation and strength during this difficult time. Please except our condolences! Your brother in XC o. Ilya and family 

[57] Will go into military chaplaincy. danielfranzen@gmail.com

[58] FrDavidStraut@gmail.com

[59] Revnkostur@gmail.com. Met at Pokrov  retreat at Libertyville Monastery. Church in Joliet, IL

[60] Fr. Nikolay Miletkov fr.nikolay@gmail.com Aug 24 Christ is in our midst! Dear Fr Seraphim, Thank you very much for your prayers for my family. Fr Nikolay (born and raised in Bulgaria), Matushka Rachael, Emilian and Philip Miletkov

May the Lord grant the Kingdom of Heaven to your beloved son, Daniel! He will be in my prayers and on the discos at every Liturgy!

With much brotherly love in Christ,Priest Nikolay

[61] Dear fr seraphim. I promise to be your prayer partner for the soul of our beloved brother Daniel. Fr Makarios from Kenya, https://www.facebook.com/makaristaty.jnr

[62] https://www.facebook.com/stephen.kaznica.7?fref=ufi Father, I placed +Daniel on my prayer diptych after his repose, and have been remembering him at Proskomede and in my personal prayers, and will continue to do so for as long as God gives me breath.

[63] https://www.facebook.com/fr.allan.boyd?fref=ufi r Seraphim, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Daniel is in my diptych as well. May God grant him blessed rest among the saints

[64] Father, I will keep your son, Daniel, in my prayers. Please keep my son Eric Michael (Michael - Orthodox name) in your prayers. He reposed in the Lord 20 Oct 2016 from his struggle with brain cancer.   Fr. Richard <rickocr2005@yahoo.com>

[65] Dear Father Seraphim and Matushka. Please except our heartfelt condolences on the tragic loss of your son, Daniel. May God grant him an eternal place of rest in His Heavenly Kingdom!! He is in our prayers, and you both are in our prayers, also. We pray that the Merciful Lord sends you strength and patience to endure your grief. Memory Eternal!! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=792268918

[66] FrSava Stephen Leida We are praying, dear Father!

[68] Hi, Fr. Seraphim! Forgive me for bothering you, but since you said to remind you in case we don't see our names on the list, I am humbly reminding you. Please add us (Archpriest Athanasius, Kh. Michelle, Elizabeth and Nicole) to your prayer list. We continue to remember Daniel and all of you in our prayers, and at each Divine Liturgy. Thank you, Father!  2017-08-16, https://www.facebook.com/rob.dresdow

[69] Photini Linda Henderson presphotini@gmail.com Bless, father Seraphim, kissing your right hand. May Daniel's memory be eternal. I have been remembering your son in my daily prayers and on the prosfora list.  I committed to pray for him when I was shocked to hear of your loss.  It is my biggest fear, and I've been closely following your walk these weeks.  I have no words to express how this affects me.  It just does.  Too many losses, but a child is devastating, though Christ is Risen.  Please pray for my family:  priest Benjamin, bladder cancer, type1diabetic, looking for work in Washington state, surgery Wed Aug 9.  Me, looking for work.   My eldest daughter, Marina, son Moses (wife Elizabeth, son Benjamin) and Miriam (husband Raul, children Arianna,/st Ariadne,  Joaquin/st Joachim, Anastacia /of potions, Lux /St Photini), and their extended families.


Again, your loss was vicariously devastating to me.  I am so sorry for the pain you and matushka have had, and looking forward to the resurrection of those fallen asleep and living again fully with them in the world to come.


[70] Rev. Peter J. Pappas revpappas@cox.net 2017-08-09 2:11 PM  Fr. Seraphim,I have added Daniel to my diptychs for commemoration at the Proskomide of every Divine Liturgy. In Christ,Fr. Peter J. Pappas (Panayiotis the Priest)

[71] Leonid Goferman Daniel is in my prayers Reply  2017-08-28

[72] Dear Fr. Seraphim,I not iced today a post from your Facebook page about the death of your son. You and I were interviewed during Lent last year by Fr. Barnabas Powell, as you may remember. For some reason my Facebook page (which I rarely view but did so today) suggested your reflection on the eightieth day since your son's repose. I viewed it. I am so sorry. May his memory be eternal! I have added Daniel's name to our parish litany list. In Christ, Archpr. John Strickland John Strickland frjohnstrickland@gmail.com date:  Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 4:40 PM

[73] Abouna Philip https://www.facebook.com/Fr.Philip -09/02/2017 Father, just to let you know that I'm keeping you and your family and son Daniel in my prayers. Christ is risen - even if (possibly particularly when) we weep. Your holy prayers! My love, Fr. Philip.

[74] My dear brother in the Lord Fr. Seraphim. Christ is in our midst; He is and shall always be! I continue to be deeply moved and inspired by your ministry on behalf of your son Daniel and the message of hope that you spread in a difficult world. I had read this a number of years ago and forwarded it to a friend today who lost a daughter to suicide. It brought you to my heart and mind. Pray for us. With love in Christ. Father Ephraim  Donald Peters Donald@dpeterslaw.com

Past Cannot Be Recalled

They often say that time heals, pain passes with time. Not quite right. My pain isn't over, it has changed, as if it sank deep inside. With the lapse of time you begin to take the death of your only child as a tragedy, you understand that a part of you has also died. This part that broke away from you hurts like an amputated arm or leg, though you know that your child's soul is alive, that it cannot die. But still we miss our son so much. We have no other child to console us, to give our love to.

Priest Alexander Shestak, head of the Interior Ministry and Educational Institutions of the Synodal Department for Relations with the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies, retired police colonel, and holder of the candidate degree in juridical sciences. 

God is Love, which embraces every one of us. But everybody apprehends this love in his own way. For some, God is a strange as well as unacceptable myth. But everyone who discovers God for himself undergoes a unique, much-suffered way.

Before becoming orthodox I worked in the police for a long time. During my first 12 years of service I belonged to task forces. In those years I had to go on night watches and stay on at work for hours. Quite often I had no opportunity to warn my wife when we urgently had to go to the site of a violent crime. There's simply no time to make a call. And sometimes I didn't tell her intentionally, in order not to disturb her. Almost every day we arrested criminals and detained troublemakers, so we always carried arms. Sometimes we received threats that we were going to die if we didn't release this or that criminal, that they would have revenge on us. Thank God, I was lucky that I never got anything worse than bruises. God has been merciful to me, though not all my former colleague had such luck.

My family was pushed to the background, and that is wrong. Although my wife Lyubushka always worried about me, waited, supported me times of trouble and brought up our son, I didn't feel due responsibility.

Indeed, my wife worried about me. But a driver, a builder, a sailor - anyone can get in trouble. A rescuer may risk his life a thousand times and yet stay alive. We cannot tell our future, it is clear to the Lord alone. But that is what I know today, while until 1996 I was not church-going. I searched for words to console my wife. I chose this job myself, and there is no other way than to do it right, even if it is dangerous. We used to plan that next weekend our whole family should go to the countryside, for example. And while I was at work, waiting for that weekend made the life of my Lyubushka. Though when it came I might as well be called back to service, and for my wife it was a blow. It was a kick back to hope and waiting. And not knowing when I was to be back and whether I was to be back at all.

Now, as the years passed, I see that I could afford to spend more time with my wife and son, but I had a false feeling that crimes, danger, wounds and murders are inherent only to my work, and that nothing bad can happen to my relatives. I was wrong. In 1996 our only son died, he was killed by an electric train. He was only 23. This accident overthrew all our life.

My wife and I supported each other silently, without words-in that situation words were unnecessary. A parent's death is experienced in quite another way than children's death. I remember I certainly took it hard when my father passed away, but it didn't compare to what my wife and I went through when our only child died. Moreover, he left no posterity, didn't continue himself in kids, our grandchildren, though he was married. Such things make you think. Why? Why do children sometimes die before parents? And then the Lord began to open my eyes, little by little, on the fact that our world is more then three-dimensional, that there is a spiritual world as well, and, what was most important to me, that a man doesn't die, his essence, his soul stays alive even after physical death.

They often say that time heals, pain passes with time. Not quite right. My pain isn't over, it has changed, as if it sank deep inside. With the lapse of time you begin to take the death of your only child as a tragedy, you understand that a part of you has also died. This part that broke away from you hurts like an amputated arm or leg, though you know that your child's soul is alive, that it cannot die. But still we miss our son so much. We have no other child to console us, to give our love to.

The only salvation is faith and trust into God. Without them I and my wife couldn't have stood it. Of course, our relatives and close friends helped us greatly. They brought us to church, to Danilov monastery. There archimandrite Daniel had a long talk with me, until he saw me calmed. My way to Church started there. My wife Lyubov came to Church sooner than me. A woman's heart is probably keener in turning to God than a man's.

Step-by-step my wife and I began to go to church and pray. For a long time the Lord's Prayer was our only prayer. The Lord, literally, led us by the hand out of despair. Only after a long time the Divine Providence became clear to me and at that time church was the only place where my soul revived and found some purport it never knew before. But I lacked knowledge about Orthodoxy, about the liturgy. So I had to learn again, theological sciences now. And more than that, my wife and I were married in church feeling it must help our son, though we didn't understand the full meaning of the Sacrament at that time.

When I became a priest my wife long waited and hoped for me to come home and our worries to be over. It didn't come true. We the priests also spend all the time away from home. We get up to early service, go to services of need and so on. Even now my wife is looking forward for the days, the hours we can spend together. But now I treat her with much more attention then before, when our son was near. I care about her not staying alone, not worrying about me, always knowing that I never forget about her and love her. Fortunately, our parish helps a lot. We are all like one great family here.

Now I've changed my attitude to those who lost their children - I understand them. And when those who confess to me say: "Father, I don't want to live. I lost my daughter", I tell them about the sense of living, that there is God to whom the child was gone, that he didn't die, that the soul is immortal, it stays alive. "No, father, you don't understand, you never felt it!" I can't but tell them - and a man changes in front of me, because he sees that you've been through the same grief as he, but you live on and don't turn away from God. Quite the contrary. The man understands that there is a way out, and his sorrow is relieved. Many people take this chance to begin going to church, reconcile with their spouses, though they might be about to divorce, because in grief they used to accuse one another instead of giving support. Unfortunately, sometimes it is vice versa, people become embittered further, begin to drink, so to say, plunge into dissipation, do not seek God's help, but turn away from Him. It's a moment of making one's choice, man's moral choice.

At burial services I also try to speak about faith, the meaning of life, because people in woe often need to hear a word of consolation and support. Of course, the Lord mourned for Lazarus, too, and we cry for our dead. But sorrow must not be inconsolable. Man can find the purpose of life even through death of those he loves, even via such terrible path. It may seem unbelievable, indeed. After a child's death the parent's life loses its meaning. But in fact it is vice versa. Sometimes a man begins to understand what he lives for only having encountered with death of someone dear. He realizes that if it is God who breathed life into his child, then it is His dispensation that lets one go through ordeals. A common situation goes something like "we want to give birth to a child, but for some reason we can't". That is, life is not given by a man and a woman, above all - it is given by God. And He takes it away in a moment known to Him, the Omniscient, alone. We are not able to foresee our children's fate. We can only try to choose a direction for their way from our own standpoint. Parents who understand that stop blaming the Lord. They begin to ponder over their lives instead of trying to judge God's will. When Natalia Sokolova's son priest Theodore Sokolov died in a car accident, she said: "My boy has already come there." Her faith helped her to withstand and assist his large family.

I would like to tell those families where husbands devote much time to work that it is very important how a man spends his time at home. He may give all his love and attention to his wife and children in spite of how tired he is. Or, on the contrary, he may concentrate on other problems and treat his family as though he is alone. But family is of no less importance than work. Misfortune may come without warning, as it happened to our family. And after it all your life you regret that you lost the precious moments to be spent hear your beloved ones. But the past cannot be recalled.

9/22/2017: My dear brother in the Lord father Seraphim. I was able with God's help today and the intercessions of His Holy  Mother to travel from the monastery I'm at to St Panteleimon and venerated the relics of Saint Silouan. I, the unworthy priest and sinner fervently prayed for the soul of your beloved Daniel and for strength for you and your family. There was also the skull of the child martyr  Kyriakos who as you know was murdered in the sight of his mother Jullita. At the relic of that precious child I prayed that through his intercessions and that of his mother that you and your  matushka  will continue to be strengthened in your faith through this painful journey.  This is a photo of the summit of Mount Athos with the cloud of the Holy Spirit always hovering there and the church in which we offered prayers for Daniels soul during the liturgy . With love and the risen Christ , Fr Ephraim

[75] 09/20/2017  WED 9:45AM Fr Stephen Ziton https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=529793104 Holy Father, Please forgive me for disturbing you in your grief.  I was most distressed to learn of the falling asleep in the Lord of your son, Daniel.  Know that I have been praying for the repose of his soul ever since I learned of this tragedy, and ask that you might remember me in your God-pleasing prayers.  In all loving-kindness, ProtoPresbyter Stephen Ziton, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Casper, WY.  May God grant you good health and long life, and may his memory be eternal!

[76] Told Fr Sergius( Fr. Sergius <fr.sgs@holycross-hermitage.com>) , when he was at their sobor, that he was commemorating +Daniel. "Unfortunately, I can't remember the names of the others that said that they were praying for Daniel. But it seemed like almost all the priests that I met at the OCA conference said that they were praying for Daniel."

[77] Told Fr Sergius( Fr. Sergius <fr.sgs@holycross-hermitage.com>) , when he was at their sobor, that he was commemorating +Daniel

[78] Told Fr Sergius( Fr. Sergius <fr.sgs@holycross-hermitage.com>) , when he was at their sobor, that he was commemorating +Daniel

[79] Told Fr Sergius( Fr. Sergius <fr.sgs@holycross-hermitage.com>) , when he was at their sobor, that he was commemorating +Daniel

[80] Priest Photius Avant I pray for him at every Liturgy, both on the diskos and after the consecration of the gifts

[81] Monk Seraphim  Prayers, always.

[82] 9/8/2017 12:00 Dear in Christ Father Seraphim, Your blessing. I ordered Sorokoyst for your son. Be sure, our sisters pray for Daniel and for your family. As well, please confirm if it's possible to come to St Nickolas church on September 24th with a small display of religious items.  

The name of our Abbess is Evfrosinia. Asking for your prayers, ​With love in Christ,​sr Anna and Sisters of St. Elisabeth Convent


Diocese of Minsk

Saint Elisabeth Convent

6, Vygotskogo St., Minsk, 220053, Belarus

phone/fax: + 375 17 289 01 59

e-mail: stelisabethconvent@gmail.com

web: www.obitel-minsk.by

[83] "We have Daniel on our list since we heard from Fr. Joseph Gleason, regarding his sudden passing. We also pray for you and your family when we pray for the clergy. Our baptismal names are: Sdn. Jeremy, Monica and George. Thank you Fr. This is a commitment that will strengthen our souls! We will do it for life!" from Christa Grubert Conrad

[85] Tina Kalliongis Hoffman Always praying for Daniel and all your family. 2017-08-27

[86] I have been and will continue to father. Daniel is in my prayers in light of my own children. I am a sinful man but yet I pray. Forgive me a sinner & Memory Eternal for our brother Daniel! Still praying for you Daniel and for your family father. 08/24/2017 Yesterday at 5:25am

[87] Memory eternal Daniel. I lit a candle for you in Church yesterday.

[88] So sorry for your loss... many prayers for your son and the rest of your family.

[89] Praying for +Daniel. May his memory be eternal. Father, you and your family are also in my prayers. I'd never met Daniel, but I have read about his impact upon so many and it seems that shall continue with his 'List.' I've shed tears for him and for your family. God bless!

[90] Daniel has the best father. I will make the commitment for him once I move, Father.

[91] Beautiful headstone, Father. We will pray for Daniel.  Elissa D. Bjeletich[91] (D. Bjeletich, also lost a son, Luka, to SIDS) (2017-08-18: Father, first: please list me among those who are committed to praying for Daniel for the rest of my life. We have been praying for him from the first day, and will not stop. In addition, when we lost our son, I felt utterly compelled to be in liturgy as often as possible and treasured every moment, so I understand very well what you are saying... perhaps better than many other people.)

[93] Michael Janik He has been in my prayers daily since this happened, and this Sunday, my priest began commemorating him at liturgy in the prayers at the Great Entrance. If you would Father, please remember my wife Megan, my sons Michael and Wyatt, and daughters Lydia and Ellie. They are not Orthodox. (Or just simply, Athanasius Janik and his family.)

[94] Father Seraphim, I commit to pray for Daniel daily in my private prayers as well as asking for him to be commemorated in the services at Holy Cross Monastery. Thank you for sharing the life of your Daniel with us. It is a great blessing for us to see the love of a father toward his son in this way. We will, of course, pray daily for you, your Matushka, and your family as well. Pray for us. Love, Reader David
Georgianne david young <mtathos@hotmail.com>

[95] Charlene Fuhlendorf I will pray for your son, Daniel. Daniel is such a special name.

[96] Donnis B. Gavalas (Maria) Daniel's name is being hand carried to St Anthony's Monastery in Arizona for prayers and will also be on our family list each time. My heart goes out to you for the loss of your son. May God be with you and your family always. He favors you so much, Father.

[97] Robert Constantine Newman Pater, since the time of his passing I have put him on the Diptycha and remember him at every Liturgy. May he enjoy the eternal banquet of the Lamb as he also stands on the diskos before the Lamb!

[98] Mary Konstans Benson Dear Father i am unworthy of your prayers but i have been praying for Daniel and you and family since i found out what happened i cannot imagine your grief God is good and merciful i know that for sure i will take on this commitment in praying for Daniel pls pray for me.

[99] Jennifer Lemieux · I will pray, Father.

[100] Joanne Thanasoulis Zbravos Father I had included Daniel in my prayers from the day I heard of his passing. I will continue to pray for him. My deepest condolences go out to you and your family. May God guide you all through this difficult time and may his memory be eternal.

[101] Elizabeth Prokopienko I have been praying for him every day and will continue to do so. He is also in our commemoration book at church. Memory Eternal!!

[102] Leonard Cook I will pray.

[103] Clint DeNure denure@gmail.com

[104]   Michelle Ganson <ganson_m@hotmail.com> Bless Fr. Seraphim, I will keep your son Daniel in my prayers and add him to our family's commemoration book. I will pray for him daily. I would like to ask if you could please . God bless and keep you during this time, and always. You and Daniel have been in my prayers. In Christ, Michelle Ganson (on FB known as Michelle Granseur)

[105] Elena Triffonova Dear Father Seraphim, I also pray for your son Daniel and will continue even after 40 days. I will pray also for you and your family. Elena from Bulgaria

[106] I pray for your son everyday as well as for you and family. A couple of weeks ago a young woman of our parish (holy ascension ,Norman, OK) reposed unexpectedly. Her name is Sarah. She was only 30 and leaves behind her husband Eric.Please let me know if there is anything else I can  jeffery.d.bishop83@gmail.com

[107] Rita Sullivan  Just said my evening prayers and lovingly remembered your beloved Daniël. He is not just in the orange...his eternal memory inspires me way down in Africa to do more good works, to be more charitable and to pray more. Glory to God for the Memory of the kindness of your Son, Father

[108] Terri Sullivan I am praying for Daniel. Please pray for me. Anna Terri Sullivan.

[109] Alex Cooley <cooley.alexander@gmail.com> Dear Fr. Seraphim, We are deeply sorry for your loss, which I have trouble even fathoming. We are praying for your son. Please remember (Orthodox).

[110] +++We shall remember your son, the newly reposed Servant of God, Daniel here at Novi Klostar Hermitage of St John Divine (ROCOR) in Syracuse NY. I once heard a sermon about the reposed, the living, time, eternity & God. Forgive me for I can recall only the gist of the sermon by an Orthodox priest. He spoke on how God is not bound by our temporality and knows the past and future of everything. God is only limited by our Will; His gift to us. Not being bound Our Lord --I believe-- has richly blessed Daniel by virtue of his first Panikhida. Father it may not have timely for you but for God it was sufficient given our temporality and the differing chronos between Berlin & McKinney.

As we keep Daniel in our remembrance while keeping you Presbyter Seraphim, Marina & Christina in our intercessory prayer; we humbly as that you like --at the Altar of our Lord-- remember us the Sinful & Unprofitable

Servant Stavrophoremonk Symeon and more so the Reader Nathaniel, Child (14.5 y.o.) of God Stefan, Servant of God Alexei, Handmaidens of God: Sofija, Ana & Jelena. Finally for the souls of Rita, Marija & Kraljev.

Fr. Symeon-Najmanje Davidović Kilmer OCSBR, BPS, CPCS frsymeon@noviklostar.org,
OCCS Emerge! Institute for Human Relationships
Novi Klostar Orthodox Hermitage <St John Divine>
Syracuse NY 13206-2940 USA

[111] Father bless, You, your Matushka and Daniel remain in my prayers and heart. Would you mercifully add my friend Troy to your prayers? Troy suffers from Parkinson's and is inquiring into Orthodoxy. https://www.facebook.com/natstelle

[112] +Daniel has been in my prayers since he passed away, and will continue to be so. https://www.facebook.com/max.williams1860

[113] Dear Father Seraphim! Don't worry if you don't have time to acknowledge this message for awhile..you have so much on your mind. I'm still praying for your beautiful son, Daniel! We are putting Daniel on our commemoration list for the departed. We go to St. Seraphim's church in sea Cliff. My priest is Fr. Serafim and my husband is Serafim. So, in exchange can you always remember my daughter Katerina? she suffers ., without burdening you with details. her husband is Alexander and she has a boy,Misha 3 yrs and a little girl, Alexandra almost one. But to keep it easier..just Katerina and family will do, God knows us! Also, if we could possibly remember one departed Alexander? He just died about 3 1/2 months ago tragically. He was a severe alcoholic for 40 yrs(with some breaks of sobriety) and when his devout and pious mother passed away 2 yrs ago, he just went down hill. He drank himself to death and neighbors called us and we found him like that. we were in contact with him and by phone, but we feel so guiltyof course.He hadn't been to communion for years and had been influenced by protestant friends. But when we spoke by phone, my sister and I felt he was repentant. We should have done much more. One last name.. George a first cousin on my father's side. He was alcoholic as well and disappeared about 8 yrs ago. His car was found..presumed dead. Sorry to add to your burdens. But you can see how it is my daughter struggles. I used to have a lot ., but I don't really feel . anymore because God gave me two huge miracles. I had an absolutely huge cyst inside my spinal cord and had terrible pains and absolutely for sure should be paralyzed today. But God helped me find the best pediatric Neurosurgeons to put a drain into my spinal cord. Then about a year later, because I still had a lot of pain from irritated nerves, I took a prescribed experimental drug and went off on errands. Within about 45 mins, I felt "funny" and went into a store with the pill bottle in hand and asked for an ambulance. I went into severe seizures for hrs and the small hospital had a hard time getting the seizures to stop. Unfortunately, I had 9 compression fractures all the way up to the area of the shunt! I had a few really hard years after that. And then we had to downsize and leave our home... But after that...God seemed to really help . and if i had to go through that again. I just couldn't! But I'm so glad it's over and my . got better and my faith too! So, I will pray for Daniel.. and you will remember Katerina and family and departed Alexander and George?I really appreciate it. I also asked my brother, Dcn. Gregory Petrochko to remember Daniel. He serves in Mayfield, PA. May God keep you and your family in his care and strengthen you! I think this project will help your daniel's dream to come true...of helping people! With love in Christ, Susanna Ivask I don't think I'm a fb friend, but you can add me if you want for some reason, I can't send a friend request.. https://www.facebook.com/susanna.ivask

[114] I'm at the airport now flying home today from my own Europe trip, arriving the day after. Your post puts much in perspective for me Fr. Memory eternal +Daniel. Tara Barhy  08-15-2017

[115] https://www.facebook.com/vitaly.permiakov  Dear Fr Seraphim, bless! I am in Riga, Latvia now, and on Sunday I attended liturgy at Trinity-St Sergius Convent in Riga and submitted a 40-day commemoration for the repose of Daniel Holland, your son. As you request in your Facebook posts, I add him whenever I submit commemoration lists (for prosphoras etc), and will continue doing so. May his memory be eternal. If you can add for the commemoration list myself (Reader Vitaly), my mother Nadejda, sister Marina, and her children Ivan and Kira. And please add for the *repose* my father Alexander who died suddenly on March 10 of this year.

[116] https://www.facebook.com/damianos.vrionides (actually Nina Papadopoulos). I will pray for Daniel's soul as well as for the health of your family...please pray for the souls of the following servants: Eugene (my father) Calliope (Jason's Mum) Theofano-Theodora (my Grandmother) Vassily (my Uncle) Evmenios (Jason's Dad) ....and for the well-being of: Maria George Katie Eugene Alexander Georgia Athena Nicholas Jason Stephan Bridget Sebastian Theodore Kalliope Nina ALL the above were/are Greek Orthodox Christians Thank you. + Father bless. I spoke with my Mum a yesterday and told her about +Daniel. She was very upset about this. I told her about +Daniel's list and your pledge. She is going to give his name to the priests where she is at this summer...now my Mum and Nick are on the island of Mykonos for the summer. Mykonos is a very, very, very small "cosmopolitan " island, but it has close to 500 churches, tiny Chapels, and a Monastery. Approx 7 steps to the right of our house are two Churches (St. Haralmbos and The Holy 40 Martyrs). If you were to take a slight left from our property and walk approx 20 steps is the Church of St. Kyriaki.... My Mum is a native of that island and is related / knows almost every body there...so there is a good chance that other priests will be receiving +Daniel's name (I do not know how many Priests are on the island but I believe they serve the Churches/ Chapels on a traveling basis - depending on the Church Calendar/other things...) Mum would like the following names added to be commemorated: Themelina Vassily George Vassily George Simeon John And Jason would like to add these names to be commemorated: John Kathryn Nicholas Damianos Anna George Panagiota Catherine Constantine Theodora Evangelis Tatiana John Thank you. We miss you and yours more than we can say....the news of Daniel has depressed us all. We love all of you very much. Nina

[117] From mother of Nina, above

[118] From Jason, see above.

[119] https://www.facebook.com/alan.finlayson.18 Hello Father. I will pray for your son Daniel for the rest of my life. Please pray for me. I was Chrismated into The Church just this past April 8th. My Christian name is my given middle name, Daniel. As such, I feel sort of a kinship with your son. Thank you Father.

[120] Patrick (Cumbie) https://www.facebook.com/patrick.cumbie Father, bless! I just want to let you know that I added Daniel to my daily prayers as soon as I heard about the tragedy.

[121] http://pomog.org/morningprayers-en/ This church's site helps me so much with my prayers. I think of Marina and of you-your family. A prayer for Daniel everyday https://www.facebook.com/marcia.crise

[122] Dr David Life practices in Charlotte, WV and serves the brotherhood of the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, pro-bono. I saw him 7/12/2017, while at the Monastery to pray for my +Daniel, and he told me he has been praying for him every day, and I told him I would add him, and his family (not Orthodox) to +Daniel's list)

[123] https://www.facebook.com/sherie.mercier?fref=ufi  "I have been and will continue to pray for Daniel. Remember me in your prayers, Elizabeth"


[124] Father, I wanted to let you know that the Blazek family has been praying for Daniel's repose every night at our evening prayers by name. May his memory be eternal. https://www.facebook.com/alblazek

[125] https://www.facebook.com/waitingforbrandot  Ambrose Newell (see other doc)

[126] Praying for all of you and will pray for Daniel's 40th day. Thank you for sharing this time, Seraphim Holland, and for encouraging prayer Margie Naftel 

[127] https://www.facebook.com/ernest.kitkit  Ernest Henry I pray for him and ask nothing in return.

[128] Jennifer Garza  Praying

[129] Olga Da Praying

[130] Rena Fielding I pray for him today.

[131] Gary Zilaff He will be included in my morning prayers. Eternal Memory

[132] Elena Borowski Daily, Father.

[134]Clara Makris Haralambis Praying. And 2017-08-15  I do know how you feel Father, my prayers are every day for your family and of course Daniel, may his memory be eternal, and may his soul be with our Saints

[135] MamaKat Brigid Smith I prayed tonight and will keep praying, Father...and especially on 40th day. 

[136] Natalia Arzhantseva Memory Eternal! Daniel is always in our hearts and our prayers.

[137] William Watts ·  Prayers 

[138] Kirk Broyles https://www.facebook.com/kbpipes June 20, 2017 "Father bless! Your son has been commemorated at our parish since we heard the news. He has been in my prayers as well, and will be with all the departed i offer prayers for. I keep books of names to offer prayers for. One part is for the living one part is for the dead"

[139] Glory to God for all things Father! I just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for Daniel and yourself daily. I appreciate the transparency you show in your homilies. May God bless you all. From https://www.facebook.com/burt.noyes, 2017-08-01

[140] Praying for your son, Father. Reading your thoughts and those of your wife have moved me greatly in my own spiritual journey. Life is not easy and we understand so little... May God number your son among the rightness and may his memory be eternal. And may you and your family find comfort in your prayers and those of others 


Thank you for sharing this, Father. I am so touched by the support you and your family are receiving. I am indeed praying for Daniel- I lost my grandfather +Rade nearly a year ago. He and his wife, my grandmother, raised me in absence of my own parents. At 34 I am feeling the loss of a parent in his loss, something I was not ready for despite his age (perhaps because most of my peers have their parents, and I having a grandparent as a parent am delaing with that kind of profond loss young). So when I pray  for him, I pray for your son who left this world too soon, too tragically.https://www.facebook.com/alackovichvangorp Mon, Aug 1, 2017

[141] https://www.facebook.com/roblesd1 https://www.facebook.com/roblesd1

JUN 23RD,  2017 Dear Father Seraphim. Father bless. Thank you for the privilege of sharing, even from afar, in your love for your son Daniel, the indescribable pain of his repose, and your steadfast faith and trust in God. This is the Lord's doing. I have added Daniel's name to my list of the Orthodox reposed, and God willing, I will pray for him for the rest of my natural life. May God grant Daniel a rich entrance into Paradise.

July 2, 2017 Father bless! I wanted to tell you that I can't stop thinking of Daniel. I pray for him every day. These events pierced the depths of my soul. I never met him but I think God is trying to tell me something through hisnlufe or passing, or through your response. So I read your posts and wait and ask God to help me understand


Thank you Father. Particularly the dream of that person who saw Daniel's struggle in the river and the angel comforting him....That image shredded my heart to pieces....

When these things happen to us...I try not to ask why..

But you know, more and more, I am aware of God's love, which I can't fathom.

JUL 3RD, 10:50PM I have made the commitment to pray for your beloved son Daniel. Sometimes I offer kolyva for the reposed. I will include Daniel's name with the kolyva every time from now on. I will give his name to my priest for commemoration at Proskomedi. I also say his name softly outloud so that only God and I hear at the Great Entrance of the Divine Liturgy. I will also pray at night in my. prayers before sleeep

[142] Matt Reader Kowasic He was added to my list already dear father. I will turn his name in for proskomedia as MANY times as i turn in lists! I will continue to remmeber him in my prayers and ask that you, as you said, remember me in yours. My lists do NOT get thrown away. In fact. i wish to have them buried with me when I pass away. (and i have many lists lol).

[143] https://www.facebook.com/Muyard "I'll pray for him" 2017-08-05

[144] Cynthia Bodnar Amen . With God's help I will remember Daniel for the rest of my earthly days. 2017-08-05

[145] Kristi <kburke@ocss-va.org> 8-9-2017 Dear Fr. Seraphim, Bless! Your son, Daniel, has been in my daily prayers since I learned of his repose via your Facebook post when it happened.  Thank you for sharing your vast resources with us so we may know how to and remember to pray for the Body of Christ.  I have added Daniel to my list of family and God-Children that I share with the priest for commemoration at Divine Liturgy at The Sacred Monastery of Saint Nina and at my home worship location of The Skete of Saint Maximos the Confessor. I would like to, God willing, continue to pray for Daniel and those on his list daily. Thank you for offering to pray for us!

Here is my family list: Orthodox  Adrianos (Jeff), Natalia (Kristi, me), and Veronica Rebekah

Non orthodox yet Carly, Jordan, Ian, Ethan

[146] https://www.facebook.com/seraphim.elijah?fref=ufi&rc=p  aug 1, 2917 May His memory be eternal. Please pray for my Mother Kymberly and best friend Jacob, who died untimely deaths

[147] Harry Coin We just are not built to outlive our children. Prayers for strength to you and your family. 2017-08-15

[148] Lorraine Viscidi Kavalkovich I can't imagine your hurting heart on this day. I placed Daniel on my commemoration list and he will stay there. Daniel is surrounded by God's love. 2017-08-15 --- Seraphim Holland, no she was Roman Catholic. I'm the only Orthodox Christian on my side. Her soul knows I've got her covered. Her name was Janine. And my adopted son's biological mother, who was Orthodox, was hit by a car and killed. Her name was Taissia. Thank you. I pray for you as well, Father Seraphim. The other day, I was telling my 83 year old spiritual friend about you and about your son. She is Orthodox and her son is a priest. She is very depressed. So I used your words in your last video, and you lifted her spirits. Plus, she felt like she should not be complaining about her life when you are going through such a difficult time.

[149] Alexandra Smith I continue to pray for Daniel, several times a day...and pray also for healing for you and Matushka. I have 4 friends who have lost an only child...Would you pls, add them to your list?
Gregory, Ioan, Vlad
Brandon (mother orthodox but son was not baptized into our faith).
How you help us, through your travail..
Thank you, Fr. 2017-08-15.

Not a day has gone by, that I haven't prayed,..many times a day...and you are all added to the lists for every Liturgy.
Although I don't know you, my heart has felt wounded...as I feel your faith and love, through each post. You were a wonderful and well chosen steward for your boy...it's amazing to contemplate , that God loves him even more than you.

[150] Dear Father Seraphim, Please add my husband Theodore and me, Elizabeth, to Daniel's list. Daniel is on both our prayer lists. We are very grateful for the opportunity to get to know you a little several years ago. I have kept you, Matushka Marina and Genevieve in my prayers ever since. I didn't know of Daniel, then, nor any of your other children. Now I have added them to my list, also. May Daniel's memory be eternal!

[151] Gabriel Richard Hayman ·Dear Father Seraphim, May our dear Lord send the Comforter to you and your family and keep Daniel always in the hollow of His hand.  & God bless you, Father Seraphim, and your whole family and Memory Eternal for your son, Daniel August 22 at 4:29pm

[152] Athanasios Paul · 0:51 Comfort and peace my dear brother in Christ. Memory Eternal for Daniel. (Aug 24, 2017, approx.)

[153] Katherine Poulos  Every night I pray for him...I feel your pain+++August 22 at 7:15pm

[154] Marianna Friesel · aug 25, 2017 7:21 I especially remember to pray for him anytime I see your posts on FB, regardless of the topic

[155] Emad Hana · I pray for Danial , father · August 22 at 2:20pm

[156] Stephen Mantzouris · Prayers...from California Reply ·  · August 22 at 2:31pm

[157] Rosie Theresa Cypriana Corey I will pray for Daniel, please pray for my Son also named Daniel. He is far from God, very sorry for your loss. Memory eternal · Reply · August 22 at 6:19pm

[158] Maria-Catharina Mura · 5:18 Praying for Daniel. Remember Nathan and Joseph both were suicide had mental health issues.

 · August 22 at 3:21pmRe ply

[159] Andrew Jarmus · Prayers, Brother. · Reply · August 22 at 4:28pm

[160] Paul Kitsi 2017-08-27 Your blessing Father,. We spend lots of time at the children's hospital and doctors for medical appointments and use Facebook to help pass our time for our twin boys who have numerous health issues. The boys have trouble making friends because their bodies are different and can't do as other kids. FB helps as we have friends all over the world. Kyriacos has been following your posts and wants you to know we are praying for Daniel. Kyriacos has many health issues which include kidney disease, Aspergers, has high anxiety issues and OCD. He has struggled with life and has nearly left us 5 times in his 13 years. Kyriacos needs to have a prayer that is correct not one that we just say. Kyriacos can't do a lot of things but what he does he always does the best he can. Which at times is extremely tiring. We have an orthodox prayer book which we use. Can you provide a prayer for Daniel that my family can include in our daily prayers. God Bless. Lord have mercy on all of us. Memory Eternal. (I set him this: An explanation of why/how/when, and two suggested prayers, is at https://www.orthodox.net//trebnic/prayer-for-every-departed-person-in-the-psalter.html) -- Paraskevas was born with oromotor dyspraxia.

[161] Sandra Lashhorn Yeske  2017-08-27  I cannot imagine that surreal feeling will ever change Fr Seraphim Holland. You & family are included in my thoughts and prayers unworthy though I am. Hit a bit of a rough spot in the prayer life recently but will be putting your Daniel in my prayers by name soon. May his memory be eternal!

[162] Shelly Houston Stamps · 2017-08-27 I am so very sorry for your loss. I have suffered from sudden death of loved ones, but wouldn't presume to understand what you are going through. We try to pray for Daniel and your family every day

[163] From Alexandra Smirth, Brandon..21..not orthodox although mother devout Orthodox...his mother,Angela, has been praying for you, Matushka, and +Daniel...she is a prayer warrior.

[164] Subdeacon Chris Nicholas <c_nicholas@xplornet.ca> Aug 13, 2017

Dear Father Seraphim and Matushka Marina,

I can't begin to express my heart felt sadness but also my love and prayers for you for the strength to bear this huge cross with the passing of your son.  I am a long time podcast listener from Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Belleville, Ontario Canada.  I am always very blessed from listening to your homilies in Redeeming the Time and from all of your resources on your church website.  I have listened to everything you have posted over a few years and I feel like I know you and have grown up with your teaching and your example of the great love of Christ (of course I don't know you in person like your parishioners but nonetheless I feel personally touched by the loss of Daniel).  Since the first podcast where you had made this known I have included your son in my daily prayers.  Keeping your son's memory eternal has helped to motivate me to have the strength to repent more fully of my sins to the Lord and be a stronger Christian in practical ways.  It was as a result of something you said in one of your homilies where we can better commemorate someone through the repentance, turning to our God with our actions and not just words.

I know that words alone can never suffice but I wanted to bring my "½ loaf and 2 fishes" to say that your ministry is much farther reaching than you could ever possibly imagine.  I also know that I am in debt to Matushka Marina's great sacrifice for the Church which probably goes unrecognized because it is humble, quiet, and like the Theotokos who is our icon, full of great strength and fervent for the Lord.

May Daniel's Memory be Eternal! and may our great Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you, your family, and St. Nicholas parish.  Don't feel the need to reply to my email as I know that you are very busy and probably have hundred's of people to respond to.  It is enough for me to have been blessed by your example of loving everyone, praying for everyone and forgiving everyone.  If you would say a prayer for me and my family that would be a blessing.

Thank you

Subdeacon Chris Nicholas, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Belleville, Ontario  

Chris Nicholas Sep 6 2017

Thank you Father.  I love what you said concerning prayer in one of your podcasts where you pray for groups of the least of Christ's brethren such as people contemplating suicide, mother's facing the choice of abortion , prisoners and homeless people.  I have always been moved instinctively to especially want to pray for those who may have no one to remember them.  I think of Martin Luther King and Greek Archbishop Iakovos who I pray for for their efforts at civil rights and help for the poor.  I know that the Archbishop is definitely in church diptychs but I always felt sad that Dr King as a Protestant minister did not have their faithful pray for the departed (but I am sure there are probably still many Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians alike who will remember Dr King as I do). This got me thinking and led me to include Rodney King in my prayers.  He certainly forgave his enemies (real enemies unlike mine) and he was mocked as naive when during the LA riots he went on TV pleading "Why can't we all just get along" mortified that violence was being done in his name.  I choose the word "mortify" very intentionally here because he was crucifying his passion of anger at the injustice done to him and trying to protect everyone from the consequence of this sin.  At the time I was deeply impressed by him and and couldn't help but think of Christ's Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:11) "Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake, great is your reward in heaven".  I remember thinking at the time maybe his witness to the Gospel and non-violence was even greater than Dr King's after all Dr King was well educated, came from an upper middle class family and his father was a minister (maybe given 5 talents), whereas Rodney king came from "the wrong side of the tracks" has drug and alcohol problems and was pulled over for DUI but even after being savagely beaten abused by the police by an unfair justice system he had the courage of his convictions to embrace non-violence and be ridiculed while doing so and pretty much despised by his detractors and even his supporters.  I am not sure what my heart is capable of doing but I pray that if faced with something like that I could do the same (god willing!).  When Rodney King passed away I saw what I believe to be a sure sign from God where news reports covering his death made reference to the effect "Remember Rodney King he was that guy who naively pleaded with everyone to try and get along" I remembered that the news anchor almost was sneering while saying it.  I was very sad when he had passed away and I had been praying for the Lord to have His great mercy and compassion on him and to forgive his trespasses as he had so clearly tried to forgive the sins of his enemies.  The contrast when I heard the news report was earth- shattering to me and I thought boy if he is still be mocked for his compassion even in his death report it is a clear sign that he had done something truly gracious.  When I pray for his memory to be eternal I ask God that his prayer for peace be heard throughout the United States (as a response to the Ferguson riots), Ukraine and the whole world.


Anyway, your kindness of in your rule of prayer for the less fortunate and especially those who are in despair struck a really deep chord in my heart.  Would you please also add Rodney King to your diptych's for me?



Thank you



[165] Helen Boukas <honeymoonhelene@icloud.com> Aug 30 , 2017

      Dear Father Seraphim and Presbytera Marina: 

This is a saint whose prayers I asked for, for your son Daniel, several years ago when Fr. Seraphim told me you were concerned about Daniel and you asked for prayers for Daniel. Back then I had looked on the Internet and found this beautiful Saint named Daniel who I never heard of before, And I remember I fasted and prayed for 40 days for your son Daniel. I'm not sure what I fasted from, but my fast was probably giving something up, like meat. (Don't feel sorry for me :-) That prepared me for giving up meat later on, which I do not eat anymore.)  Anyway, I remember when I discovered this saint, thinking what a beautiful little story this was about this sweet monk whose claim to fame is caring for the poor people who passed away with no money for a funeral. That really touched my heart. And so, the sweetness of this monk's loving heart plus the beauty of the icon inspired me to pray to him and with him for your son Daniel for 40 days.  I distinctly remember asking for this saint's prayers for 40 days. 


Ever since I heard about your dear son Daniel's passing, I've been looking for this page that I had printed back then, and I only found it today in my desk at work. (I have a drawer full of religious papers at work.). What I wanted to share with you, dear M. Marina and Fr. Seraphim, is that I really believe that this Saint was with your son from the time he passed away until you got there to Berlin to meet him again. I am so sure that this beautiful saint, because the saints are truly alive and they remember everything, I truly believe that of course St. Daniel of Pereyaslavl would have remembered praying for Daniel several years ago.  And I truly believe that he would have come to stay with your dear sweet Daniel after he passed and was alone. I just wanted to share this with you to hopefully bring you some comfort and solace that, yes, the Holy Theotokos was with your precious Daniel, and I also believe this Saint was also looking after Daniel's relics and protecting them.

May God grant you both many years, healthy and full of the joy and peace of the Lord.

St. Daniel of Pereyaslavl https://www.orthodox.net//ikons/daniel-of-pereyaslavl-01.jpg


[166] Nathaniel Brown <brown.bookworm@gmail.com> Aug 15, 2017


Father Bless!


We have been praying for the repose your son, and following your posts on FB. I cannot imagine your loss. I noticed your emphasis on sunsets and sunrises; you have certainly posted some beautiful pictures. I saw this sunrise outside my house as I got ready for work yesterday and thought of you all and prayed for +Daniel. I just wanted to share it with you and to let you know that we are praying for your family.


love in Christ,



Thank you for your prayers. My wife is Genevieve, and my children are Angelica, Aidan, and Cassia.


Yes, I finished all of my medical education and we are now in New Hampshire where I am faculty at Dartmouth in the Department of Anesthesiology.


The picture was taken in our front yard in Lyme, NH. The yard looks east onto a neighboring hill, which doesn't show up well in the photo.

[167] https://www.facebook.com/barbara.bryant.9809 Barbara Bryant Please accept my sincere condolences on the repose of your beloved son, Daniel. I will remember him and your family in my prayers. I am a former parishioner of Fr. Michael of St. John of Kronstadt's parish in Utica, now living in Flagstaff, AZ and saw your post on Facebook.

[168] Maria Papadakis Memory eternal Father. I am praying for Daniel. Please remember my son Nicholas in your prayers. He's eternally aged 11.

[169] Joanne Thanasoulis Zbravos 2017-09-19 Dear Fr. Seraphim, I continue to include your son Daniel in my prayers.  He is my Orthodox Brother. I too have a story for you. When your son died my daughters college here in NY had published an article from Oklahoma University stating that he had died. My daughter 21 years old. She came home and said, Mom an Orthodox Christian boy died on a college trip overseas in Germany.  He attended Oklahoma University.  She showed me the article.  I did not know at this point he was your son.  It did not click that Holland was also your name and I never saw your son before so I had no idea.  She said this is such a horrible traded.  He was a good looking young man and the article says he was very kind and very involved in his college.  We talked about your son, I still had no idea he was your son.  I went to Church that Sunday and I lit a candle for your son.  Again, I did not know he was your son.  I just felt he was a nice young man who was my Orthodox brother and I felt this need to light a candle for him and say a quick prayer. 

I then saw your post on Facebook and I was truly hurt to find out that you had lost your son.  I told my daughter that I know Daniels Father, he is my Facebook friend, his Dad is an Orthodox Priest.  I felt some sort of connection and my heart goes out to you and your family.  I lost my Father and I lost my childhood friend who I loved very much and the pain was unbearable.  I cannot imagine what you and your wife have gone through.  Your son is in my prayers and I know you think we don't agree on many things.  Know this, we do agree on Christ and we are connected as Orthodox Christians.  We are all a family.  My love goes out to your and your entire family.  Your sister in Christ Joanne


[170] Andrew Herbst Father I know that I have said this on a bunch of your threads I know that we have never met in person but your struggle has moved me in more ways than I can explain. I love Daniel and firmly believe that he is working in my life and praying for my family

[171] Demetrios Costarakis He will be added...praying for you and your family!

[172] Finally, I beg your prayers for my recently reposed wife Maria and children Nicholas, Anna, and Eva. Know in return that you are in my prayers as is your recently reposed son Daniel. Please advise which Saint Daniel your dear son was named after so that I may properly intercede for him. I truly wish I could have known your son. With respect, I beg your prayers, Andrei Charles

Charles Kovacs ckovacs@ringling.edu October 8, 2017

[173] corywhitlock@gmail.com Met at wedding of Joachim, Anna, 10/15/2017

[174] Marina Logunov Fr. Seraphim Holland, it takes time. You are still grieving and it just take time, I can tell you it does get easier do what you can and it will come each day... I have not experienced a loss of a child but I have had that experience of loss of a husband and that took time. In fact to even began to feel like me again it took a good year and still after 20yrs I still hurt some days more than others. Prayers with you.

[175] Elizabeth White My son Kevin died in 1995. It is the worst pain anyone can experience. I lost my husband Ivan 2 1/2 years ago. I am just now getting to the point where I don't have to force myself to do things (anything - besides sitting around and watching television) I pray for you.

[176] Sandra Lashhorn Yeske I am learning so much from you and your life Fr. Seraphim Holland and experiences. Keep posting.

Seraphim Holland It's part of my deal with and for Daniel

Sandra Lashhorn Yeske I try to pray for you both every day....the old fall and get up....

[177] https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.wong.908 "i will continue to pray for your son daniel at every vespers" aug, 2017robles

[178] Dear father Seraphim, I am from Bulgaria and I pray for Daniel and also for father Seraphim and relatives - I gave your name in the church for 40 Holy Liturgies - it is in the oldest church in Sofia, Bulgaria - st. George (Rotunda) http://www.svgeorgi-rotonda.com/ And I will continue to keep you in my prayers https://www.facebook.com/elena.triffonova  2017-08-10

[179] I saw your request for confirmation, on Facebook, regarding the lifetime commitment to pray for Daniel. Since myself, I tragically lost two sons 12 years ago, I deeply feel that I can make this lifetime commitment to pray for Daniel, and for you and Matushka. Sharing your pain and loss is the kind of bond that time cannot overcome. I would be infinitely grateful is you could add, my husband Raphaël and I, on Daniel's list. My sons were not born alive so I do not think that is possible to pray for them. Thank you so much, Father ! Kind regards in Christ, Catalina Chatellier

12, rue de Morsang, escalier 3, 91600 Savigny sur Orge, France, Tel. +33 6 20 42 33 71, Catalina BADEA CHATELLIER <catalina.chatellier@gmail.com>

[180] I just finished listening to your funeral homily for Daniel that you shared on Facebook.  It was very moving, and a wonderful tribute to Daniel. I'm a recent convert, so there were a lot of things I did not understand about prayers for the dead before that you explained very well. Thank you.

Would you mind if I typed up a transcript of your homily, and shared it in my blog? I think it would be a valuable resource for other Orthodox families who have lost loved ones, and people curious as to why we Orthodox pray for the dead. A text transcript would be searchable on Google whereas your audio file will not be. This is my
blog: https://orthodoxinmalaysia.wordpress.com/

However, given how this was a private matter for your family, I would understand completely if you did not want this shared in this way. Please let me know.

In any event, your family is in my prayers, and I will continue praying for Daniel too. May his memory be eternal.https://orthodoxinmalaysia.wordpress.com/

Darren Ong <dongcl@gmail.com>


[181] Carlos Seraphim Carbajal https://www.facebook.com/CharlieSheraphim , Mexico

June 30, 2017


May your son's memory be blessed and eternal. And may he have a good judgement before Christ and may his angel guard his soul. I will pray for your son, Father, may his memory be blessed and eternal.

aug 27, 2017 Bless, Father. Bless this sinner and may we have a blessed Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos.  Father, whenever I see a sunset, I say a little prayer for you, your wife, and specially for Daniel's soul. I know it is a naive thing to offer, but I am going almost weekly to the volcano to do altitude training. I always go in the morning but as soon as I get the chance, I will go in the late afternoon and shoot some pics for you and pray for Daniel's soul up there. It is a special place and it is a menial thing, but I offer it sincerely.

[182]https://www.facebook.com/remus.gheorghita I was walking my 5 months old daughter and happened to look up to this wonderful sunset and you came to mind, Father. I'm sorry my phone or my photo skill is not that great, but here it is...

You've got friends all over the world Father, this is from Bucharest, Romania, where Daniel is part of my prayer at liturgy every Sunday, right next to my sister, may God rest their souls.https://www.orthodox.net//daniel/sunset-bucharest.jpg

[183] https://www.facebook.com/andrei.mihai.104  10/30/2017  Hello Father Seraphim. God willing, we have been praying for Daniel at every service for the departed we have at our church. I'm not saying this to boast. But i ask you in return to pray for my wife and myself. Petronela and Andrei. We have some medical issues and so on, and could definitely use the prayers.

[184] 2017-08-05 Sebastijan Sjöberg Daniel has been in the prayers of our house in Sweden. May The Theotokos and Our Lord help you and your wife!

[185] Ronda Wintheiser lost a pre-born boy, Adam. My dad wrote a couple of poems when my little boy died. Adam died the day before he was born, in a car accident, so I wasn't able to be at the funeral.

I hope it isn't presumptuous of me to share about him. But good did come of his death. Prior to his death, my father was "pro-choice", and ironically he was the only person left at the hospital the night Adam was born. Adam was born by emergency C-section because I was hemorrhaging internally. The surgery occurred in the wee hours, and so Dad was the person who received Adam's body into his arms. Dad was by himself, then, holding... a "fetus".

I have a couple photos of it. He was sitting next to a little casket.

After Adam's death, my father became enthusiastically pro-life. And not in an armchair. He began to participate in pro-life activism of all kinds.

Here is the first poem Dad wrote about his experience of holding Adam:

The last time I saw Adam
He was in a little box
Lying there quiet and peaceful
He was my friend.

He never had a little dog to play with
Never had a nickel to hold in a little clenched fist
But he was rich and powerful
Beyond comprehension.

We don't understand things.
We wanted to meet him
And talk to him
And play with him.

You knew him best.
You sang to him.
The only love he ever knew
He got from you.

God chose you to hold him for awhile
And now you'll never be the same.
Neither will I.

I kissed Adam goodbye for you
And walked away.
He was my friend.

Nelson Brown

[186] From Cherie Adams Fr Seraphim. Please add my son Jacob Daniel to your list. He was 16 when we lost him. He was also connected to Mother. His birthday is Aug 28 the dormition and parting date is Dec 4 Entry into the temple. He's buried at St Hermans Monastery in Platina Ca. I have added your Daniel to my list of dearly departed. The list gets longer by the year. My heart goes out to you and your dear wife. Nothing on this earth is as difficult as losing ones child

[187] Gail Zink Sheppard I lost a son, too. He was 28. I remember that it really helped me to tell stories about him and hear the stories others had to tell. Maybe you could tell us a little about your son. What was Daniel like? He liked people. He liked learning about new things. What made him special to you? What are your fondest memories of him? - I also cherished the company of his friends. They, too, had stories to share, which would make me smile. - If I actually thought he was *dead* I would not be able to bear it. His body reminded me of the clothes he would discard at the end of the day in the corner of his room. They weren't him. He's alive. There is a thin veil between this life and the next and he and Daniel are just on the other side. They're not gone. I miss my son terribly, but I am not grief stricken. Instead, I'm thankful; thankful that I was able to be his mother and that I had the time with him that I did. I know I will see him again, soon. God can be trusted.

[188] (FrThomas Andrew ) lost a son in August to mid air collision

[189] Dear Father Seraphim and Mother:With all of my heart, I would like to express my condolences and wish to share your pain.
Father Viktor Potapov from Washington, DC has shared your funeral speech with his parish. I could not hold back tears while listening to it. At last I got the meaning of the word "Hope". I had been thinking of it for a long time, and finally the Lord has provided an answer. What a pity that we have to gain this knowledge under such bitter circumstances. But this waiting supports us so much.
Thanks God, our Lord is especially close to us this tragic time. Wish you strength and patience. We pray for Daniel and your family.God be with you. Aigul-Vera (Faith) On June 1, 2012 my 20-year-old son died. Aigul Merkulyeva <aigulus@yahoo.com>

[190] Wife Sarah reposed suddenly, Norman OK

[191] Cathy Hoosier Father, I have been following your journey through your grief and admired your conviction Daniel is with you. I too believe J. Scott is with us, but my daughters do not have this, yet. I am so sorry, so so sorry for your loss too. I am honored and astounded that you can give us compassion and prayers in your fresh grief. Thank you, Father. Our Baptismal names are, Catherine, Emlia (Amy), and Elizabeth (Elishabah). We girls are Orthodox, but my son Jamison had just begun to attend with his infant daughter and talk to our priest a few months before he died. He died a Christian, mocked by his wife, but he stood his ground for Christ. His bright light is elsewhere and within us now, and his pain has ended. I await till I see him face to face., Lord have mercy on you and your family.

[192] Valerie Kaznica <vkaz201@gmail.com> 10:02 PM 09-03-2017 Dear Father Seraphim, I agree to pray for your son for the rest of my life. I offer my condolences to you and family members. I am an Orthodox Christian. My name is Mat. Valerie Kaznica from SS.Peter & Paul's Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Passaic N.J. love In Christ Always, Mat. Valerie

[193] Subdeacon Tom Sprunger <raspberryhillhomestead@yahoo.com

Dear Father Seraphim - Your kind note of reply, the one from your lovely wife, the prayer for the departed, along with the notecard with Daniel's picture meant so very much to me.  As I read it aloud to my wife, I became "choked up". Even now, as I write you this email I can feel tears welling up behind my eyes.  I've been carrying the envelope & contents with me.  They're a wonderful reminder to pray for each of you.

Oh the pain, the hurt, the empty feeling that goes with such a tragic event.  I visited my son's grave this past weekend.....once again.  I cleaned off some dead grass, ensured the things we have left there are in order, and crossed myself.  I wish so much that I had some magic words for you......something to make it all better.  There were none for me, and there are none for you.  Yet, through it all just knowing that God is ever-present with us, that He knows our pain, and that because of His Son, Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ - we have that blessed hope.  It's something that I cling to, literally. 

I wanted to share our names for your prayer list.  Those prayer are not only appreciated, but I have to believe that somehow our sons smile when they hear them.   

Our names are listed here with our Orthodox names in ().  My given name is also my Orthodox name:

I read your idea about 40 days of Liturgy for those who have passed suddenly.  What a wonderful idea of remembrance.  Especially for us Orthodox who do indeed remember those gone before us in such profound ways.  I do find great comfort in our remembrance of those gone.  Even those little known saints....I just love the way they are remembered on the calendar, so they are never forgotten, nor their sacrifice.

Again, my sincere and heartfelt thanks for both of your notes.  As I read and re-read them, they are like a soothing salve to me.  I probably sound very dramatic, so my apology here.  Just know that you & your family are never far from my mind and prayers.

[194] Anna Haleyakhaley@gci.net Dear Father Seraphim, I  want to send you my condolences. May Danielle dwell with the Blessed!

In 2016, I learned about the below young man through Sister Vassa Larin on Facebook.Archpriest and Matushka Anna's Leonid's son, Ivan Kalinin reposed June 25, 2016. While fixing a broken air conditioner, he lost his balance and fell to his death from the open window.He has 2 sisters and they live and worship in Moscow. Father is a well known sculptor and she is an iconographer. I am certain their wound is deep and they would share in prayers for Ivan and Danielle.

[196] Oksana Selivanova Thank you father Seraphim Holland. I think you told me before that you have added us to the list . My son's name is Viktor Slivin, he reposed a year ago, on August 11, 2016

[197] Priest André Sikojev <sikojev@icones.de>

[199] Would to add Troy to  your prayers? Troy suffers from Parkinson's and is inquiring into Orthodoxy. https://www.facebook.com/natstelle

[200] Daniel is in our prayers, in our hearts, and on our lips! May his memory be eternal. Father, we are with you in prayer, faith, hope, and love! Peace be with you! Fr. Wade+   https://www.facebook.com/FriarWadeOnline


[202] https://www.facebook.com/ESylviaMirzaei "And I pray for the soul of your son, Daniel. I am so sorry for your loss, Father. I pray for you that the Lord comforts you in your grief" 7/24/2017

[203] Father Seraphim, would love to be added to you list to pray for Daniel. That is, if you don't mind a Roman Catholic praying for him. I pray for your family and am grieved at his loss. In Christ, Sherry P. https://www.facebook.com/sherry.piccolella

[205] Parents of Shane Matthew Spivey. Submitted by https://www.facebook.com/FriarWadeOnline 7/24/2017

[206] Aunts of David Alexander Lee Oskerson +June 21, 2017