We record the Sunday and other homilies at St Nicholas, and eventually get them transcribed, so that the audio and text is placed on our web site. We categorize them as
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Just the audio sermons.

If you would like to help transcribing our homilies, please E-Mail Fr Seraphim and tell him which of the homilies (below) you would like to transcribe, and a "guesstimate" about when you will complete the task. He will update this web page to indicate that the homily is "taken".

Another way that everyone can help our small, but growing, web ministry is with donations.

Our web pages have become so popular that we are being charged extra for usage and storage costs, and the MP3 files are very expensive to store and send to our readers. If you feel so inclined, a small donation, of say, a dollar for every file downloaded would go a long ways towards defraying our additional costs.

We are in a bit of a catch-22 here - our pages are getting too popular to afford! We want to make the audio and text sermons available, biut even without the new audio sermons, we are being charged several hundred dollars a year extra, over and above our base cost.

If you want to listen to some of the homilies, you need an Audio Player:

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