Excellent Russian/English Confession charts for confession and preparation for confession

Many Russian people find it difficult to  confess in English, even if they are fluent. These two charts are excellent. The longer one is great to use for preparation, and FOR A PERSON TO TAKE NOTES AND BRING THE NOTES TO CONFESSION. Of course, this PRESUPPOSES that there is preparation for confession, which is absolutely necessary for a good confession

These charts are in pdf format, and were provided to one of our ROCOR clergy list some time ago.

Confession chart, 2 column, Russian and English, longer version, suitable for preparation for confession


Confession chart, brief version, Russian and English, suitable to bring to confession.


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  1. Thank you, Father.
    Actually, there is, as far as I know, a problem regarding confessing…
    Priests (at least here – Russia, Belarus…) often stress (sometimes to everyone before starting confession) – that they should speak ABOUT THEMSELVES ONLY. Not about others! This is so widely-spread, unfortunately. People come to the priest & start telling him their stories – on how other people behaved towards them, their insults, how the state is bad, how bad is everything…When the priest asks them what about them – nothing to say is found.
    Of course, people should have a chance to share their problems somehow, but the difficulty is that they are often determined to do ONLY that, coming to the confession with no their own sins to mention. Or – to metion – i.e.to confess, but NOT repent. Even admitting honestly that they are not going to change anything after confession & taking the Holy Communion, – saying they need to confess…even without the  wish or thought they should change something & try not to repeat the sin confessed. I know how hard it is not to repeat!!! But they say they they will not even try. This all is very sad to the priests. and people feel often offended that the priest refuses to listen how bad other people are & asks to say OWN sins, even if the priest asks this in a very polite & tactful manner…
    May God help us to confess!!! to start to learn how to do it & start PRACTICING it.

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