Confession of sins in the Scripture.

Here is a list of Scripures to use as talking points to teach about confession. I just threw this together. I have another one started with gleanings fomr the Fathers. I would appreciate additions, and more commentary about Psalm 50. I have not checked all Psalm references to correspond to the Septuagint.

Excellent Russian/English Confession charts for confession and preparation for confession

Many Russian people find it difficult to confess in English, even if they are fluent. These two charts are excellent. The longer one is great to use for preparation, and FOR A PERSON TO TAKE NOTES AND BRING THE NOTES TO CONFESSION. Of course, this PRESUPPOSES that there is preparation for confession, which is absolutely necessary for a good confession

These charts are in pdf format, and were provided to one of our ROCOR clergy list some time ago.

Also many links about prepartions for confession, examples for confession, etc.

The relationship between Confession and Communion How do we stay “sinless” between confession and communion?

There is a common misunderstanding of the relationship between mysteries of Holy Confession and Holy Communion. There often seems to be a predominant idea that the link between these two is somehow a legal concrete thing – that there must be a 1:1 correspondence or some specific ratio and that any deviation from that ratio constitutes an abrogation of tradition or requires some kind of formal “dispensation”.

But this is not the relationship that really exists. …