Preparation for Holy Communion. 10 things. Part 3. Fasting.

3. Fasting is generally a part of preparation for Holy Communion.

Since the chief thing we must do to prepare for Holy Communion is try to live a Christian life, we should fast according to the typikon of the church (that is, according to the fasting rules for various days of the year), and according to our strength, and always under the guidance of our confessor.

Any confessor has many fasting rules for different people, depending on their spiritual maturity, physical health, zeal and strength of will.

In our day, there is much misunderstanding about fasting. Many people see our fasting tradition to be any or all of the following: …

Jesus walks on the water Will we recognize Christ when He comes to us in the middle of the night?

he Lord coming to the disciples in dark of night, after they had struggled for hours with dangerous wind and rain describes many times in our life. Although the disciples were without Christ in body during their struggle, they were not really alone, as He was praying and aware of their needs. So it is with us. When the Lord comes to us in the midst of our struggles, do we recognize him, or are we of “little faith”?.

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