All things work to the good Crown them with glory and honor! Humble Pie

I am full of joy for Mykael and Anastasia (Gloria), who were crowned (married) yesterday (Sunday afternoon, after having received communion[1]). I am profoundly disappointed that I could not be the celebrant, because of my Shingles outbreak and probability that I was contagious with the Chicken Pox virus (and Myke has never had Chicken Pox!). Thank God that Fr Gregory was available to serve the liturgy and the wedding. His kindness made all of this possible, and allowed me to keep my promise to Myke that he would be wed on this date, no matter what.

Certainly, our God works in mysterious ways. I baptized Myke many years ago, and catechized Anastasia and baptized her recently. She has been an apt and willing pupil, and I believe that she is fully into the process of having Orthodoxy completely in her heart (as we all should be!). I wanted to see this thing through to the end (which of course, as all our Sacraments are, is really another beginning), but God had other plans for me and my little flock…

And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Eternal life, perfect freedom and joy explained – John16:22-24

In the 16th chapter of John, Christ is preparing His disciples for is upcoming passion, on the very night of His arrest. Judas the betrayer of Christ did not hear these words. There is a great and deep well of theology here, a Christological treasure trove. It must be understood, and this happens over time and with repetition – of reading the Scripture texts and living the Christian life. There is something else in this chapter that is too beautiful to talk about properly. It is so wondrous that we cannot explain it, because it promises things that “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard”. Our Lord describes our*end* state, the fruit of our labors. This is the entire and only goal of life – perfection in Christ.

Keep Holy things from becoming common!

A commentary on the prayer “Lord, Thou hast accounted me worthy today, but cast me not away from Thy sight in that great and notable day when Thou wilt come again.”. We must find ways to keep holy things from becoming common.

Order of prayers. Resurrection, Compunction, Martyrs Rhythm of prayer. Monday of the Myrhhbearers

Sometimes the order in which we pray also teaches us important things. Our services and prayer books are comprehensive and teach us every way we should approach God in prayer. They are full of dogmatic truths and compunctionate sayings and prayers to the martyrs, especially in the weekday Matins services.

I was struck about even the order in which our prayers are said in Matins when I was singing (I am using the term loosely) the praises for Monday of the week of the Myrhhbearers. The first sticheron was about the resurrection, the next was a compunctionate one, and the next was an ode to the martyrs.

How sensible this is! Without the Resurrection we are nothing; …

Kermit Gosnell and the culture of sexualism and death. On the date of the guilty verdicts in his trial.

oday in Philadelphia, the jury, after 10 days of deliberation, delivered several guilt verdicts in the trial of the abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell. He will face the death penalty in some of these convictions.

Most people do not know who this man is, since he is the real face of abortion in this country. The mainstream media and too many politicians are totally enslaved to the sins of this age, and since abortion is an important pillar of these sins, they strive to protect it as often as they can, even by censoring news about obscene acts of evil. This is why there is very little information available on mainstream sources about Kermit Gosnell. His trial reads like the script of a horror movie….

How to BECOME a child of God John 1:12-13

Meditation on “But as many as received Him, to them he gave power to become Children of God, to those who believe in His name: who were begotten not of blood, nor of the flesh, nor the will of man, but of God.” [John 1:12-13]. How do we *become* a child of God?

Comments on the 2013 Lenten Pastoral Retreat Diocese of Chicago and Middle America ROCOR Mar 20/April 2 – Mar 22/ April 3 2013

We are a poor diocese, but we are very rich. I have been around a little, especially because of the Internet, and I do not know of a more peaceful diocese anywhere. I truly enjoy being around my brother clergy, and it is always warms my soul to see how freely and easily we interact with our chief shepherd, Bishop Peter. We are truly free to say anything, in public or private, and there is a sense in our gatherings of acceptance, support and calm….

Something always happens at some point during the Divine Liturgy, usually around the time of the Great Entrance. This is always the highlight of my trip, but talking about it cannot convey the experience. I become overwhelmed …

A way to pray for someone with the Jesus Prayer

An excellent way to pray for someone is to pray a short prayer for them, then say the Jesus prayer for the person, for a set number of times.

One may say “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on N”, or, more inclusively, “on us”.

After the Jesus prayers, one may repeat the short prayer, or use another one. Two suggested prayers are below.