The relationship between Confession and Communion How do we stay “sinless” between confession and communion?

There is a common misunderstanding of the relationship between mysteries of Holy Confession and Holy Communion. There often seems to be a predominant idea that the link between these two is somehow a legal concrete thing – that there must be a 1:1 correspondence or some specific ratio and that any deviation from that ratio constitutes an abrogation of tradition or requires some kind of formal “dispensation”.

But this is not the relationship that really exists. …

Preparation for Holy Communion. 10 Things. Part 8. Confession.

8. Confession is part of preparation for Holy Communion.

The frequency of confession is dependent on the individual, and the confessor. Certainly, if one has not been to confession for a long time, they should have confession before they commune.

The three active principals in confession are self-examination, repentance, and forgiveness of sins. …

Preparation for Holy Communion 10 Things. Parts 6,7. The Evening before Liturgy, the Marital Fast

6. On the evening before Holy Communion, we should not behave as if it is just another day. …

7. It has always been Christian tradition that a man and wife abstain from sexual relations on the evening before Holy Communion.

This was even the case in Old Testament times before important events. The reason we observe this important tradition is because marriage is an IMAGE of the love of the bridegroom (Christ) for the church, and therefore, of how we should love God. An image is inferior to the prototype, so we abstain from sexual relations, which are inferior to our love for God. …

Preparation for Holy Communion – 10 Things. Part 5. Pre-Communion prayers

5. Sometime before Divine Liturgy, you should say the “Pre-communion” prayers.

They are in any complete prayer book. They begin with some psalms, then a canon, then some pre-communion prayers from various saints.

This prayer rule is easy for some and very difficult for some. If it is hard for you, then split it into pieces. For instance, say the canon Saturday morning and the other prayers Saturday afternoon, or evening, or say a part on Saturday and a part on Sunday morning. It is even possible to split the rule up over some days throughout the week. …

Preparation for Holy Communion. 10 things. Part 3. Fasting.

3. Fasting is generally a part of preparation for Holy Communion.

Since the chief thing we must do to prepare for Holy Communion is try to live a Christian life, we should fast according to the typikon of the church (that is, according to the fasting rules for various days of the year), and according to our strength, and always under the guidance of our confessor.

Any confessor has many fasting rules for different people, depending on their spiritual maturity, physical health, zeal and strength of will.

In our day, there is much misunderstanding about fasting. Many people see our fasting tradition to be any or all of the following: …