Leavetaking of Pascha, Ascension, Aceticism,Disappointment, A/C progress, moving plans, Schedule change.

Ascention, Archimandrite Zinon, Pskov-Pechery http://campus.belmont.edu/honors/Pskov/PskovPecheryAscensionIcon.jpg

Dear Brothers and sisters of our parish family:

Leavetaking of Pascha

We leave behind using the greeting "Christ is risen!" today (unless of course, we are holy, and live totally in the resurrection, as did my patron, St Seraphim). The leave-taking of Pascha was today, and we served a joyous, short liturgy, just like on Pascha and Bright week. Now I can put away the trikiri with cross for next year.


Ascension is tomorrow. This is a critical part of our salvation, and contains within it many important dogmatic truths that can only be understood if they are experienced. The major part of this experience is the living of the life in Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but our learning must also begin with and continually involve the worship of the church, as we are always like the Ethiopian eunuch, who told the Apostle Philip that he could not understand the scriptures unless he had someone to explain them to him. The explanation, par-excellence that we have access to is the holy services, when we stand, and sing or listen with attention and expectation.

I have taught this to you many times, throughout the whole of my ministry and still, many of you do not understand. I can gauge your understanding by observing over time your actions, and zeal to attend the services and confess and commune.

You only have one opportunity to stand and pray with the entire church, triumphant and militant, about the Ascension this year. There is enlightenment awaiting you, and substantial invisible change that you will experience, whether you understand it or not. I want this change for you, and grieve when the evening services are so poorly attended. I serve them for you, and also for myself, since, like Peter, I must say that I am a man just like you, and therefore am subject to passions, ignorance and weakness. I have discovered a beautiful pearl, and I endeavor several times a week to show it to you, but for the most part, in shines in obscurity.

Ascension vigil 7 PM tonight.
Ascension liturgy 8 AM tomorrow.


I will continue to exhort you to be ascetical in your life, the only one you have. Time is short. Your asceticism must consist of mastering yourself, obeying the commandments, and doing many times what you do not want to do, because it is the way of God.

How can you accomplish these things? There is not a mystery to this.

God helps us, but not when we are on our couch, literally and/or figuratively . We must pray at home, fast, struggle to live as Christians,. read the scriptures, confess and commune frequently,. and pray in the corporate services of the church with zeal and expectation.

Will you join me tonight and  expect something?

Ascension vigil 7 PM tonight.
Ascension liturgy 8 AM tomorrow.

Disappointment, and our place in the parish family

Since I am human, like you, I get disappointed and sad about things. just like you. I was very sad sad last night, when only two people not related to me came to the Paschal Vespers to pray, after I had asked you all to come and pray as a community.

We are in perilous and difficult times, and we should bear these burdens together. No matter what else we do, we must pray together, especially when your pastor specifically asks you to because of a special reason. I know some could not come, but mostly likely some just did not come. 

As a community, a family of believers, we had a great loss last night. I know all about inconveniences and traffic, and being tired, and all the rest. As I said, I am just like you.

My daily prayer and hope as a pastor is that each of you would understand your pivotal role in the health of our parish family, and value our gathering together more. I believe that we have taken so long to build because our community has not valued prayer together enough. I have set an example, as a layman and as a pastor, and all I can do is pray, and occasionally exhort, with the hope that I am not "tuned out". I am doing this now.

A/C progress, moving plans

We have received an anonymous donation for replacing the stolen A/C units. Their cost is covered. I am not sure if this alms-giver will also pay for the additional security measures. They will cost around $1000.

The city of McKinney, required an approval process for the A/C unit cage, has slowed things up a lot. We anticipate having the cage design approved this week, and installed Monday or Tuesday. The new units will be installed after that. We could have an inspection and temp occupancy permit by Wednesday or Thursday next week. We will hopefully move next week, and be in the new temple NEXT weekend

Ascension services, and this weekend's services will be in DALLAS.

We may need to be out of the old place next week no matter what. I will get verification about this on Saturday.

Schedule change.

My son has a play tomorrow night, a kind of "dinner theatre" I want to go. I cannot go on Friday because of an important pastoral commitment. I will therefore not serve a moleben tomorrow. If anyone wants to come to the new temple and sing the akathist to St Nicholas, you have my blessing and encouragement.

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