Nativity Kontakion videos – English and Slavonic. – Today the Virgin

Nativity Kontakion – "Today the Virgin". It is sung in a small room, in which the choir sometimes practices.


It does not sound as good in the video as it does in person. Our little church is blessed with a very good choir, and what’s more – a peaceful one. Actually, we are all very peaceful, glory be to God. I believe we need to grow a little, but as we do, I pray that we do not change our personality. I have been around, and we have no "drama", except when we have our Yolka (more videos to follow). Slavonic video at the end of this post.

 BTW – We are blessed with a peaceful parish, and a new temple (should be ready just before Great Lent this year). We have also been blessed to have friends and family who have donated $30,000 to help us make the building of the temple a reality. We have a fund-raising goal of $40,000. This additional money will pay for the iconostasis, and maybe get us started on the icons for it (all the labor is local).

Would you help us build our iconostasis and adorn it? You will have the privilege of being a founding benefactor and be commemorated, with your immediate family, in perpetuity, in our parish. See:




More videos at: (pick any link)



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