Children’s Yolka (Matinee) at St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox church

 Children’s Yolka (Matinee) at St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox church inMcKinney, TX. The beginning of our own local Christmas tradition – one of the Three Wise Men bringing presents to the kids and asking them for a little performance in return. Fr Deacon Nicholas was the wise man.This is the beginning. of the Yolka.


The idea is to build this humble little show into a gala which is done every year. One of the wise men will tell the Christmas story, and verious parts will be acted out.

Link to this video:


Many more Yolka and other church videos are available from multiple sources, courtesy of Natalia:



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  1. It is refreshing to see the deacon get down on his knees before the children in his rendition of Melchior the wise man.

    Keep up the good work!

    God Bless

    Deacon Bill Konstantinidis

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