Understanding the human condition. Demonic audacity. Small Paraklesis Canon Ode 6

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Synopsis: Explantion of the entire 6th Ode of the Paraklesis Canon. How to look at the human condition. Elias, Job, Jonas, Moses, David, Peter and many others in Scripture recognized their corruption and need for God. This is nuerotic to the world but completely normal and essential to the Christian. Also a detailed converstation about "demonic audacity"


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2 Responses to “Understanding the human condition. Demonic audacity. Small Paraklesis Canon Ode 6”

  1. Why your blog is not as popular as certain other priests who seem to have an "all icing and no cake" understanding of the Tradition, is beyond me. Keep up your amazing work and know that it is greatly appreciated by the Orthodox faithful in English-speaking lands.

  2. I appreciate your words. I have actually dared to think along these lines too. There is a lot of stuff out there, and most of it is not powerful.

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