Entreat God to grant you the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate the Vespers of Holy Pentecost, with the wonderful "prayers on bended knee". The following excerpt from Reflections of a Humble Heart  (pp. 93-4) is an excellent preparation for this service.

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"Therefore, on the day of the Feast of Holy Pentecost, when, brother, reverently and on bended knee, you listen to the prayers uttered by the priest speaking for an on behalf of his flock, be sure what it is you are praying for. On this day the Holy Spirit is clearly pleasant in the Church and He hears your prayers! For this reason, brother, concentrate, consider beforehand and reflect on just what it is you are going to ask God. Possibly you have many sorrows and troubles weighing upon your heart, and you want to ask God to resolve these difficulties and to help you. Pray for this. But, what is of infinitely greater importance and priority, you should entreat God to grant you the grace of the Holy Spirit and to fill your soul to overflowing, to exhaustion. In other words, you must ask that He receive you, while still in this life, into the Kingdom of Heaven, that He grant you the pledge and beginning of future, eternal delight. I will even add that this alone should be your entreaty on that day. But the flesh is weak, and according to your weakness ask God, if you wish, concerning your earthly affairs as well. God will hearken to you, as it is written: The Lord will hear thee in the day of affliction (Ps 19:2). But do not forget, on no account must you forget that the most important of your requests must be to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit. Know, brother, that if you receive this gift, you will have no need of anything else, nor will you desire anything more, because the Holy Spirit is a Treasury filled with good things beyond measure."

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