The dark sorrow of material things. The sweetness of abstinence. Matins Canon for St John Climacus.

St John Climacus


Synopsis: A few words after Presanctified liturgy about the DOGMA regarding materials things and attachment to them, referring to 3 stichera from the matins canon for St John Climacus. Our DOGMAS are not just about God, but some are strictly moral truths. Especially when we sing canons in honor of Saints, and in many Lenten canons, these truths are very apparent: "Ascending from the dark sorrow of material things, O holy John, thou hast gone to dwell in spiritual light: give me light through thine intercessions to the Lord. "
"Suckled on the sweetness of abstinence, thou hast cast away the bitterness of sensual indulgence; and so, father, thou givest us a pleasure sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. "
"Ascending to the height of the virtues and rejecting the pleasures that creep upon the ground, O holy father, thou hast become the sweetness of salvation to thy flock. "
(all from the matins canon to St John Climacus, Ode 1)

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  1. Thank you, Father Seraphim, for the really beautiful icon of Saint John of the Ladder, and the Matins hymns that you posted.  They help me to get into the mindset for this Sunday.  All your articles are very focused on the various holidays of the church and very meaningful to me.  May God grant you many years!
    P.S.  There's a great website for anyone who is interested, St. Gregory Palamas, that allows people to print out the Matins service for every Sunday and some major holidays.  This has also been very helpful to me as I do not understand the words in Greek in my church.

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