Detailed explanation of the troparion and kontakion for the day before and day of Theophany.

Icon of the Baptism of the Lord


Synopsis: Detailed explanation of the troparion and kontakion for the day before and day of Theophany. There is a lot here!

Prefestal Troparion. Tone 4
The River Jordan was once turned back by the mantle of Elisha / when Elijah had been taken up, /
and the waters were divided hither and thither. /
And for him the watery path became dry, /
Verily as a type of baptism, /
Whereby we cross the flowing stream of life. //
Christ hath appeared in the Jordan to sanctify the waters.

Prefestal Kontakion – Tone 4
In the streams of the Jordan today /
the Lord cried to John: /
Be not afraid to baptize Me, /
for, I am come to save Adam, //
the first-fashioned man.

Troparion of Theophany Tone 1:
When Thou, wast baptized in the Jordan, O Lord, /
the worship of the Trinity was made manifest; /
for the voice of the Father bare witness to Thee, /
calling Thee His beloved Son. /
And the Spirit in the form of a dove /
confirmed the certainty of the word. /
O Christ our God, Who hast appeared //
and hast enlightened the world, glory be to Thee.

Kontakion of Theophany Tone 4:
Thou hast appeared today unto the whole world, /
and Thy light, O Lord, hath been signed upon us /
who with knowledge chant unto Thee: /
Thou hast come, Thou hast appeared, //
O Light Unapproachable!

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  1. A wonderful discussion, Father!  I am a Diaconate student and this was most helpful as I prepare my first homily assignment.  Thank you
    In Christ,  Dr. Mark Hoeplinger, Buffalo NY

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