St Seraphim bows to the Kursk Root Icon


A note from a parishioner, whose home was visited and blessed with the Holy Kursk Root icon Friday, Oct 29 (ns). Posted with permission, with very slight editing.

… Something curious happened during the icon's visit  to our apartment… I have a photo of St. Seraphim of Sarov on my bookshelf. I've wanted to have it framed properly for a while, but for now it's just a bare photo standing on a shelf.  After the icon's visit to our apartment I noticed that the photograph  of St. Seraphim was  bent over almost in half.


I even wanted to call  David and say, "Look, St. Seraphim is bowing to the icon!", but then I thought it was kind of silly to make a joke like that and that I had  better take care of that photograph soon… I even tried to straighten it up with my hands, but it wouldn't work – the photo would return to its "bent-over" position.


 Well, the next day (after the icon had left our parish) I finally settled down  at my desk and my glance went up to the bookshelf… and my mouth fell open –  the photo of St. Seraphim was perfectly straight – he straightened up!

 This time I called David and told him what happened. He didn't seem too much surprised and said, "Well, St. Seraphim was healed by that icon, remember?"

So that's my story of St. Seraphim bowing to the Kursk Root Icon.

You could say that it might have been the weather, the open windows, humidity in the air, or whatever… I don't know. (And we've opened our  windows lots of times before). All I know is that the photo of St. Seraphim (that had been standing up straight on that bookshelf for 7  months since I brought it from Russia) bent itself in half on the day the Icon was here, and straightened back up the next day when the icon was gone.



The Icon at our church:

The Icon at "Nash Dom":

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  1. Thank you for this story!  Praise the Lord for His goodness and kindness to us!  Praise the Lord for His saints who help us in our times of difficulty and who help make the Lord clearer to us and help make our faith stronger in Him!

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