The Kursk Root icon of the Theotokos will be in our area Friday, Oct 29th (civil date). SCHEDULE.

Having obtained thee as an unassailable rampart and wellspring of miracles, O Most Pure Mother of God, thy servants quell the assaults of enemies. Wherefore, we pray to thee: Grant peace to our land, and to our souls great mercy.
– Troparion to the Theotokos in honor of the Kursk Root Icon

This icon has been in the Russian church for many hundreds of years. It has been involved in thousands of healings, including my patron, St Seraphim.

I will pick up this 800 year old, miracle working icon late Thursday night.

Here is the schedule of services – all Friday Oct 29:

Friday Oct 29 – 8 AM – Divine Liturgy.

Throughout the day until arrival back at church the icon will be brought to over a dozen places for a blessing and short moleben. I have not worked out all details for when and where I will be. It turns out that I will be going to Plano, Richardson, Dallas, South Dallas, Duncanville, Rowlett and Carrollton. This traces a rough cross.  I believe I will be able to honor all the requests for visits.

Friday Oct 29 7:30 PM Moleben with Akathist.

I am inviting all the local clergy to serve at this moleben, through email and by calling as many as possible. I hope many will come, and pray before this holy icon. I anticipate we will share in the task of reading many names before the holy icon, as well as in chanting parts of the Akathist. (Bring BLUE vestments, including phelonion) After the service, I plan to try to allow anyone who desires a short time before the Holy icon with relative privacy (only Fr Nicholas or myself will be in the temple).

I encourage everyone to print (ONLY) the names of those they wish to be commemorated before the icon, or bring a typewritten list.  NO CURSIVE PLEASE. Please note that I will commemorate all my parishioners in any case.

We will take up a collection for the icon, as is customary. We also plan to have refreshments (Lenten, of course) for after the service.

This is not only a blessing to be in the presence of this holy icon, but also an opportunity to give hospitality to many of our local Orthodox brethren.

Here is a sermon by His Holiness Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow on the occasion of the Icon's visit to its home city of Kursk a couple of years ago:

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  1. Mary says:

    At what time and where will the icon be in Richardson?

  2. Mary says:

    Where and when will the icon be in Dallas?

  3. Friday, between 9am and 6pm. It is a large task to coordinate all the places I will go to, and I have not accomplished it yet. I am attempting it today.

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