Sponsor a Tree. A Fundraising Drive for St. Nicholas Church in McKinney, TX



Our new church is nearly complete, but the cost for landscaping is much higher than we expected or than we can afford.

Can you help us by sponsoring a tree or bush?


ALL the trees are REQUIRED by the City of McKinney, and the prices we've found are extremely good.

Benefactors will be commemorated at every Liturgy in perpetuity, and a plaque will be placed on the tree if the donations are made in somebody's memory.


Live Oak

(5 needed) $597 ea.

Cedar Elm

(4 needed) $616 ea.

Bald Cypress

(7 needed) $680 ea.


(8 needed) $426.50 ea



Burford Holly (8 needed) $157 ea.

Burford Holly Dwarf (12 needed) $51 ea.

Japanese Barberry Purple Leaf (23 needed) $45 ea.

Wax Myrtle Dwarf (18 needed) $61 ea.

Nandina Momestica (16 needed) $48 ea.

Yaupon Hollies Dwarf (4 needed) $43 ea.

Grass: (entire lot) $3977

Please send donations to: St Nicholas Orthodox Church, PO 37, McKinney TX 75070.

Our parish will still be praying for your loved ones well past when all the trees are full grown!


Fr. Seraphim Holland, Rector, 972-658-5433, seraphim@orthodox.net

Deacon Nicholas Park, Treasurer, 972-422-2092, treasurer@orthodox.net


Take a look at our: “Sponsor a Tree” Real-Time Progress



This document is at:





Permission is gratefully given to print this appeal and

distribute it to friends, family, parish bulletin boards, etc.



  1. Hello Father Seraphim,
    To what address are the checks to be sent?
    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be a part of your witness and ministry in Texas.

    Christ is risen!
    +ASA (Father Duane)

  2. Dear Fr Stephen-Anthony:
    Our PO box is best. PO 37 McKinney, TX 75070
    Christ is risen!
    Another thing – I have had so many services and work commitments that the guys are suffering. I need to find a way to get 4 days out of the month, and would appreciate advice and prayer.

  3. This is a great way to finish the Church construction, Have you raised the needed Funds?  If not would you mind if I post this on my website?
    Mark South

  4. Dear Mark, We have not yet raised the needed funds. You are very welcome, with our gratitude, to post this on your website. Thank you!

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