O Joyous Light, sung by Sophie (4 y/o)

Children singing during a childrens liturgy

Just try to not be joyous as you listen to Sophie singing "O Joyous Light" – I double dare you! 


I love to hear my grandchildren sing. They sing pretty well in church. They are encouraged to sing, and they love to because their home is a "singing culture". This may not be too PC for some churches, but it works for us – to tell the truth, there are usually not that many people at Vespers to get offended anyway! 


They sing on key, but sometimes have a little problem with rythym or big words,and they sing their little hearts out on the things they know. Sometimes, they need to be "coralled" a little, but for the most part, they sing without correction.


It is important to teach our children to sing! It is important to teach them to love the services! Of course they cannot learn these things unless we sing, and we love the services! 

As CSNY says: "Teach your children well!"



If this file does not work for you, try the direct link to the actual mp3 file:http://www.orthodox.net/music/o-joyous-light+o-gladsome-light+o-gentle-light+sung-by-s.mp3


  1. From the mouths of babes, yea, even the rocks themselves will proclaim Thy majesty; and Gabriel’s ear turned to marvel. Uriel, Fire of God, has been kindled. Yes, Nicholas, it is right for you to rejoice. What a joy has been planted into my breast.

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