An incredible week and a grateful parish


We are a small parish, and have done our best to plant and water, and now we are watching God cause us to grow.


There is not doubt about it – times are difficult, and we are stretched financially, and spiritually. I am not exactly a Tigger, nor am I am Eyore, but like most people, somewhat in between. Building is hard, since nothing in life stops to let you catch your breath.

Our parish received a huge amount of encouragement this week. We have had an enormous amount of donations come in. We are still raising money, and need to, but we received a large chunk this week. God is providing, in the right time, in the right amounts.


We have also made our needs known for some "church" things, and received word yesterday that a bishops chair and chandelier will be donated.


One thing that building has done (for all of us, but I guess I am talking a little personally here) is made us less of an island. We have friends from literally all over the world now, and, most dear to me, many in the DFW area, in local parishes. We are a part of the community now, with friends who visit us, commune with us, and have helped us. This is incredibly encouraging.



Our monetary donations this week are an incredible $6024.00.


Thank you from a grateful pastor and parish for your friendship, well wishes, prayers and donations. As the pastor, I try every day to be worthy of your trust.


5 Responses to “An incredible week and a grateful parish”

  1. Annie Forcum says:

    Glory be to God in all things!

  2. Shawn L says:

    Thank you Jesus!

  3. Elaine says:

    I am so glad to hear this, Father. Glory to God! I pray for you, and for your Parish, and all of us at St. Sava are so very happy for you. I look forward to when your Temple is done and we can visit for Divine Liturgy.

  4. A great example of God’s mercy & care & love. And a great encouragement!
    It’s God’s mercy on me, as I met your parish at the moment when the church construction was only in plans, and that I was given the opportunity to watch the whole process, from the very beginning, and – I strongly hope! – till the end of it. And also looking forward to hear that it is finished successfully & the first Liturgy is served there!
    It is all hard, but very blessed period, uniting the parishioners around God, the pastor, each other…

    Remaining spiritually always with you,

  5. It looks like the occupancy permit will happen in Februrary. It is disappointing that things are taking so long, but after all, we do pray for patience! There is only one way I know of to get it.

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