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  1. Christ is risen!

    Father, than you for these pictures – made with such love & care.

    It is beautiful…The sweet face with the candle light…I often hear the comparison of children with angels. True! Children really resemble angels very much. There are their faces that are lightened uo with purity & innocence. And when i look at the images of saints – they are also childish, and it is often impossible to guess how old such people are. There are such people among us as well, rarely, but we meet them in this temporary life, full of so much sorrow. If they managed to carry on their faith, purity, affection towards others – they become like children in their lack of evil, hate, suspision. If a person manages to get rid of sins, to change, to prepare his soul for Christ, he becomes like a child. Such faces signify Christ in the hearts of their owners – in the very beginning of their lives, and at the end. I also often heard a saying that eyes are the miracle of soul. Children’s eyes are the eyes of angels’ purity. A soul where God lives. Glory to God for everything.

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