St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, McKinney, Texas
St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, McKinney (Dallas area) Texas
708 S Chestnut, McKinney, TX 75069-6503 Phone: 972 658-5433

Welcome to St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, McKinney Texas, 20 miles N of Dallas!

We are diverse community of Orthodox Christians from all parts of the globe. Some of us are emigres from Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria and other Orthodox nations, while others are American converts to Orthodoxy. We have all found the "Pearl of great price" in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Eastern Orthodox Christian Church, and we hope that this web page will give you (in English and some Russian) a taste of our beliefs, dogmas, doctrines and way of life.

The Divine Liturgy and other services are performed in English, with some Church Slavonic. We gladly welcome visitors and inquirers and always have a complimentary meal on Sunday to get acquainted.


Announcements for May 11/24 2020 - html

†Announcements for May 11/24 2020 †- pdf

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        We try to serve liturgy at least three times a week. See our calendar for details.

        You may also ask be on our email list (send an email to Fr Seraphim, or Fr Nicholas, and you will get notices of services and any content we publish, such as live streams (at: , Online meetings, homilies, teaching, audio, video, and text.

        We make sign-ups available ( for the services of the following week on the preceding weekend.

o   In general, regular parishioners have the first opportunity to sign up for a service.†

o   By Tuesday, others can sign up for available services that week, through the weekend. †

o   Please be considerate, and try to attend a weekday or Saturday service if you can. There are people who cannot attend the liturgy except on Sunday, and if you are able to attend the different liturgy, please consider their needs. We ask that people who know our parish and occasionally attend but are members of another parish would consider that their parish may have instructions that they should be following.

o   Please understand that if you intend to have communion at a liturgy, we expect that you will come to the preceding evening services, say the preparation prayers and have had confession recently. If we donít hear from you and you just show up that is not fair to us. Call us! Youíll find that we are friendly and flexible but donít like to be put on the spot. We make exceptions depending on circumstances if someone talks to us, but not usually if they just show up. Help us do things in an orderly way. Priest Seraphim 972 658-5433.

o   We still must be patient. It is our hope that, as much as possible, whole families will attend together.

        We have set up a PayPal link which allows you to donate to our Mitey Mites Cause of the week.
Go here:
This week, starting May 4,2020,we are collecting for
furniture for the new parish hall. We need many tables, and chairs.

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