Prayer on Pentecost.

From: Orlov, Prayer No. 76, pp. 376-8.
(From an ancient ambon prayer)

< O Thou Who, in building the house of our salvation, didst rise again from the dead after Thy Passion, and ascend to the heavens Thou hadst bowed down in Thine Incarnation from a Virgin, O Christ; and, upon the foundation of Thy promise on earth, didst send down Thy Comforting Spirit upon Thine earthly disicples, sustaining in them a firm and holy habitation, and through them a true presence in those who came by them to believe in Thee, through His varied Gifts abiding in the Church: Take not His Grace away from us who are profaned by sin, but mortify in us every carnal way of thought that would hamper His indwelling in us; drive far from us every word and deed that grieveth Him; root out every wicked passion troubling us, that would put out the glow of His enlightenment and darken our souls. Deprive us not of His light; make us to be pure vessels of His glory, likened unto the door of Thine upper room; make us ever mindful of the voice of Thine Unoriginate Father, when He shewed Thee to be His Beloved Son; so that, keeping alway the memory of Thy commandments, we too may shine together with those found worthy of Thine ineffable Kingdom, seeing in Thee Thy Father Who is without beginning, with Whom Thou art blessed, together with Thine All-Holy, and Good, and Life-creating Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.