Prayer Of A Priest - Blessed Papa Dimitri Gagastathis (1902 - 1975)


Blessed Papa Dimitri Gagastathis Jesus, the good Shepherd, I thank Thee, because Thou hast given even to me, the small and weak one, the same command that Thou didst give to Thy apostles, when Thou didst tell them "Feed my lambs, feed my sheep".

Never would I dare, O Lord, to accept such a heavy mission, if I did not believe that Thy grace remedies what is weak and makes up for what is wanting. Therefore, in this moment, in which I feel my shortcomings so intensely, I, Thy priest, Thy sacrificer, the small shepherd of Thy flock, implore Thee:


Uphold me, O Lord, keep my heart pure, whole, free from money and attached to Thy commandments.


Take away from Thy servant selfishness, ostentation and worldliness.


Keep him from anger, rancor, envy and jealousy, fear, procrastination, laziness, anxiety, fatigue, cynicism, isolationism, judging, negative thoughts, torpor, listlessness, undue regret, ignorance, stony insensibility


Make me a man of prayer, so that not only with my lips, but also with my heart I may praise and glorify Thy Holy Name.


Blessed Papa Dimitri Gagatathis serving at Divine Liturgy

Papa Dimitri serving at liturgy


Help me not forget the holy feelings of my first Divine Liturgy, and by them to chase away the germ of habit, which every so often comes into me.


Help Thy priest, O Lord be always:

an angel of comfort for the afflicted

, a source of spiritual invigoration for the disheartened

, a means of healing for the afflicted

, a source of strength for the addicted

, a source of purpose for the confused

, a guide towards Thy peace

, and a source of joy for the wounded.


Help me, my Savior combine in my life and work:

tenderness with firmness

, tact with strength

, sensitivity with strictness

,courage with discernment.


Reduce my faults, so that no one may fall because of my weakness.


Teach me, Lord:

how to instruct the children

, inspire the youth

, advise the adults

, turn back the sinners

, encourage those who are about to die.


Teach me, O Lord who knowest the hearts of men, how to perform the Mysteries of Thy Church and especially the Mystery of Holy Confession. During that time, make me be a perfect physician and an affectionate father.


Help me in my parish an inspiration of good works and a leader in God pleasing endeavors, so that all may be won over for their own happiness and for the glory of Thy Name. Amen.






Blessed Papa Dimitri Gagastathis

Certain unworthy priests say this prayer before serving liturgy and also as a daily prayer.


Italics are additions to Papa Dimitri's prayer. Take them out if you want the original prayer.


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