Christ is born to raise up the image that fell of old!

Christ is born //to raise up the image that fell of old! This is a portion of the Troparion of the Forefeast, sung in the Royal Hours for Nativity.

The beautiful troparion of the Forefeast of Nativity sums up succinctly the purpose of the incarnation of the God-Man, Jesus Christ. One may say, it contains in full our “theology of redemption”. Jesus Christ became man so that our image, which “fell of old” due to the sin of Adam and Eve, and the subsequent weakening of the human race might be “raised”. He did not come to “purchase” our forgiveness by dying on the cross His primary mission was not to obtain forgiveness for us! …

BTW: you can hear this troparion in the flesh at the Royal Hours (followed by liturgy), in our old Dallas location, starting at 8am Dec 24/ Jan 6 2010! If you cannot make it, the Vigil for the Nativity is at 7 pm Wednesday, with Nativity Liturgy at 10 AM Thursday.

NB: Interpreting the Nativity Icon.

Ikons are not only “Windows to Heaven” – they also tell a story, if one understands the symbolism. A few things about the Nativity Ikon: …

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