I will bless the Lord at all times, Psalm 33, sung at the end of Vespers


Synopsis: Psalm 33, as sung by our choir at the end of Vespers in the vigil service. Our choir, as usual, sounds prayerful and melodic. The "recording engineer" regrets messing with the unit suring the recording (it was just after our between services homily at vigil), and we were getting ready for matins), but you will definately get the idea.

More music from our choir is HERE

If the "LISTEN NOW" link does not work, copy this URL into your browser: http://www.orthodox.net/music/vespers_2012-05-05+i-will-bless-the-lord-at-all-times+psalm-33-sung-at-the-end-of-vespers.m3u

If this file does not work for you, try the direct link to the actual mp3 file:http://www.orthodox.net/music/vespers_2012-05-05+i-will-bless-the-lord-at-all-times+psalm-33-sung-at-the-end-of-vespers.mp3

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