Bright Week Do’s and Dont’s, Holy Week/ Pascha pictures and video



Synopsis: Some Bright week "Do's and Don'ts" that are very important to keep the Paschal joys all week. Here are a few: Do eat a steak and any food you want, every day of the week, and do not eat any tofu, but do not eat too much. Do Read the Gospel of John and the Acts, but do not read the Psalms (I explain why). Do plan on communing on Thomas Sunday, the most important Sunday of the year! Do day the Paschal hours instead of your usual prayers, and do not go back to the world too soon. Towards the end, some heartfelt thank you's for all those who helped with flowers, cleanup, preparation and our choir, which was other-worldly beautiful on Pascha night.

More homilies on the PASCHA are HERE

Short Video of Pascha Eve, including my scratchy voice, wardrobe changes, and Christ is risen in many languages, including Kikuyu!



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  1. helen says:

    Beautiful!  Beautiful!  Beautiful!
    Christ is risen!  Truly He is risen!

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