Impious Judas with avaricious thoughts … falls away from the light and accepts the darkness. A warning to us and a way to avoid losing ourselves.. Great Tuesday 2012

Judas betrays the Master

Synopsis: Six and a half important minutes using Judas as an example to teach us how not to "accept the darkness" Commentary on the Sessional Hymn from Great Tuesday Matins:

"Impious Judas with avaricious thoughts plots against the Master, / and ponders how he will betray Him. /He falls away from the light and accepts the darkness; / he agrees upon the payment and sells Him that is above all price; / and as the reward for his actions, in his misery / he receives a hangman's noose and death in agony. / O Christ our God, deliver us from such a fate as his, // and grant remission of sins to those who celebrate with love Thy most pure Passion."


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There is another homily on this same sessional hymn that is similar but a little different. This is such an important topic that I feel the repitition is worthwhile. It is also in Text form:


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