Electronic Newsletter January 2/15

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, McKinney, Texas

Electronic Newsletter

January 2/15  Sunday before Theophany


"Mighty Mites" Collection

Prayer Requests

Schedule of Divine Services in the Coming week

Fasting in the Coming week


In addition to St. Seraphim of Sarov, we celebrated St. Juliana of Lazarevo, the patron of our sisterhood, today. St. Juliana is a very inspiring example of sanctity in the midst of the cares of everyday life. If you are not familiar with her life, read it!

Oh, and remember to find it using "Goodsearch" instead of of Google; if you enter our church in the "charity" box, we get a small donation for every search you make!

This week we celebrate the Feast of Theophany. In the words of one of the hymns that we sang on Saturday evening, we are now forsaking the land of Judea (where Christ was born) in order to hasten to the Jordan (where He was baptized). Let us all, then, hasten, for now our Lord, born secretly in a cave, is revealed to the world! Now His preaching begins! Now He calls us to repent and leads each of us, through baptism and renewed life, to the kingdom of heaven! Let us all embrace this feast, which is even greater than the last!

Services are as follows:

  • Royal Hours, Tuesday, 6AM
  • Vigil, Wednesday, 6PM-9PM
  • Baptism of Joel and Genevieve (Shannon), Thursday, 9AM
  • Divine Liturgy, Thursday, 10AM
  • Great Blessing of the Waters, Thursday, after the Liturgy

Next weekend, North Texas Orthodox Missions is holding a missions and evangelism conference in Dallas and Fort Worth. You are encouraged to attend.

"Mighty Mites" Collection

This week, we collected $183 for the building fund of the St. Siloan Russian Orthodox Mission in Chile.

Next week, we will collect for a Platytera icon of the Theotokos for our church. This icon, to be painted on the eastern wall above the altar (top center in this photo), is the first step in our long-term plan for the iconography in our temple.

Prayer Requests

For the Health and Salvation.

  • Alexandra (4 y/o girl wih brain cancer)
  • Priests Jean and Grégoire and all the faithful and suffering of Haiti,  and our sponsored household: Catherine and her family.
  • The suffering people of East Japan.

For a more complete listing, please see our parish prayer list. Anyone can make requests.

Schedule of Divine Services in the Coming week

Monday 1/16

  • 7PM Molieben

Tuesday 1/11

  • 6AM Royal Hours for Theophany

Wednesday 1/18

  • 6PM Vigil for Theophany

Thursday 1/19

  • 9AM Baptism of Joel and Genevieve
  • 10AM Divine Liturgy and Blessing of the Waters

Saturday 1/21.

  • 4PM Confession
  • 5PM Vigil

Sunday 1/22. 

  • 10AM  Divine Liturgy
  • 12:45PM Church School – Elementary, Adult (tentative)

Fasting in the Coming week

Monday and Tuesday are fast free. Eat your favorite foods, and give thanks to God!

Wednesday, the eve of Theophany, is a strict fast day.

On Friday, we fast as usual.

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