A Spiritual reflection regarding Prayer of an Orthodox Christian priest in front of a late term abortion clinic during the Dallas 40 days for life campaign.

The Lament of Rachel, an apt icon for the subject of Abortion.

The Lament of Rachel.


Synopsis: The personal experience of an Orthodox Christian and priest praying in front of a late term abortion clinic during the 40 days for life campaign, Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011. This is difficult and heavy prayer because outside, on the street, things look normal, but inside some lives are terminated, and many other lives are perhaps irrevocably damaged in terrible ways. A spiritual reflection, including whether we should pray for "them" or "us", and that a Christian must feel responsible for all sin and act upon his inner impulses from the heart, and about praying "one hour", and personalizing the "Akathist for a Woman Who Has Aborted a Child"

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