Electronic Newsletter October 3/16 18th Sunday after Pentecost


St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
, McKinney, Texas

Electronic Newsletter

October 3/16  18th Sunday after Pentecost

Prayer Requests
Schedule of Divine Services in the Coming week
Fasting in the Coming week
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There is a ton of stuff this week

1. Fr Seraphim And Deacon Nicholas have returned from the Diocesan Clergy meeting and the celebration of the Feast of the Protection of the Theotokos at our Diocesan Cathedral in Chicago.

2. "FORTY DAYS for LIFE" is in full swing now. I FULLY SUPPORT our participation in this worthy endeavor, and Fr Nicholas, myself, and Matushka Marina (at least) are participating. ARE YOU? I am asking you to!

We will gather at various hours, from 7 am till 7 pm, October 19th, at the Southwestern Late-term Abortion Facility, 8616 Greenville Ave., Dallas.. If you do not know what to do, not to worry! There will be prayers there for us to use. We will sing akathists, and canons. If you cannto sing, you can just say them! 

Abortion is a cancer which kills much more than an unborn child. We must pray not only for mothers who are contemplating abortion, but also those who have had abortions and are suffering in many ways. The world tells them that they have a "right to choose", but the soul tells them something is wrong. Our society is breaking down in almost every way because of immorality, and abortion rights are one of the lynch pins upon which this disintegration devolves. May we in some way contribute to the saving of untold women and men from the "mouth of the lion" because of immorality, which kills the soul.

See http://orthodox.net/redeemingthetime/2011/09/24/orthodox-christians-prayer-for-40-days-for-life-vigil-october-19th-700-a-m-to-700-p-m/  for information on how to sign up and participate in our Orthodox prayer.

3. There will be a "Forty Days for Life" rally and picnic next Saturday, Oct 1, 12 noon – 1:30 p.m., Harry S. Moss Park, 8000 Greenville Ave., DallasI am going, and will hear Fr Seraphim Hipsch, of our sister parish of St Sava speak. Are you? I am asking you to!  See:



4. Dn. Nicholas is looking for volunteers to help do some work on the upkeep of our church's storage areas. We could do alot to maximize the utility of our small church by having better storage solutions. We actually have quite a bit of space that could be used for storage if we can get it properly furnished. Please tell Fr. Nicholas if you are willing to help — probably on a Saturday sometime in the near future.

Prayer Requests

For the Health and Salvation.

  • Alexandra (4 y/o girl wih brain cancer)
  • Priests Jean and Grégoire and all the faithful and suffering of Haiti.
  • The suffering people of East Japan.

For a more complete listing, please see our parish prayer list. Anyone can make requests.

Schedule of Divine Services in the Coming week

Saturday 10/15

  • 4PM Confession
  • 5PM  Vigil

Sunday 10/16 

  • 10AM  Divine Liturgy
  • 12:45PM Church School (Middle School only) after Trapeza
  • 12:45PM Sisterhood meeting

Monday 10/17

  • 7:30PM Moleben


Wednesday 10/19

  • 7:00PM Vespers


Thursday 10/20

  • 9:00ALiturgy


Saturday 10/22

  • 4:00PM Confession
  • 5:00PM  Vigil

Sunday 10/23 

  • 10AM  Divine Liturgy
  • 12:45PM Church School after Trapeza

Fasting in the Coming week

Normal fasting rules apply.Wednesday and Friday are fast days. AS ALWAYS, consult Fr Seraphim if you have any questions, problems, etc. 


Orthodox Christians Prayer for 40 Days for Life Vigil: October 19th, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

40 Days for Life Dallas Rally (Sat, Oct 15) with Priest Seraphim Hipsch speaking



This week, we read from Luke 6:31-36, about the “Golden Rule”

"As ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise." – Audio

The Golden Rule – Ye Shall Be The Children Of The Highest
SYNOPSIS:The "Golden Rule" is explained, including a mention of how the world twists this rule into a sort of magical "law of attraction". The REASON for the golden rule and everything we do is because we are "children of the highest".

 Saint John Of Kronstadt, and The Purpose Of The Incarnation, "Ye shall be children of the Highest" Luke 6:31-36
SYNOPSIS:On this Sunday before Nativity, St John of Kronstadt is also commemorated, and the Gospel for him and his life perfectly describes the purpose of the Incarnation. This Gospel contains our Lord's admonishments to love, using concrete examples, and concludes with the promise "And ye shall be children of the highest". This is the purpose of the incarnation, and examining this Gospel along with St John's life, which struggled to fulfill it illuminates this purpose for us, therefore, on this Sunday when we read the "Begats", it is appropriate to delve into what is means to be children of the highest, and how and why we can attain this high calling. We also suggest another way to describe the "Golden Rule" and what should be our inner motivation for loving our fellow man, and doing anything that is good in this life.

 That oughta keep you busy! 

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