Electronic Newsletter August 29/ September 11

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church,

McKinney, Texas

Electronic Newsletter

August 29/ September 11

12th Sunday after Pentecost

Beheading of St. John the Baptist



The glorious beheading of the forerunner

is a certain divine dispensation,

that the coming of the Savior might also be preached to those in Hades.

Lament then, Herodias, that thou hast demanded a wicked murder.

For thou didst love neither the law of God nor eternal life,

but one false and fleeting.

– Kontakion of the Feast


Homily by St. Justin Popovich:




Homily by St. John Chrysostom:


"O diabolical revel! O satanic spectacle! O lawless dancing! and more lawless reward for the dancing. For a murder more impious than all murders was perpetrated, and he that was worthy to be crowned and publicly honored, was slain in the midst, and the trophy of the devils was set on the table….


"Such was the value he set upon his royal power; so was he once for all made captive by his passion, as to give up his kingdom for a dance. vilifying, reviling, insulting. But not so the saints; they on the contrary mourn for such as sin, rather than curse them.


"This then let us also do, and let us weep for Herodias, and for them that imitate her. For many such revels now also take place, and though John be not slain, yet the members of Christ are, and in a far more grievous way. For it is not a head in a charger that the dancers of our time ask, but the souls of them that sit at the feast. For in making them slaves, and leading them to unlawful loves, and besetting them with harlots, they do not take off the head, but slay the soul."



Prayer Requests
Schedule of Divine Services in the Coming week
Fasting in the Coming week


We will be holding our annual membership and pledge drive in September. If you consider St. Nicholas your parish home, please consider filling out a membership form. In addition, new and continuing members are encouraged to fill out a financial pledge form. This is a good-faith estimate of your monthly contributions for 2012, so that we can generate a relatively accurate budget for the year.

Both forms are available in the literature rack in the narthex of the Church, or can be requested by email from Dn. Nicholas.

Sunday, September 11th is the annual commemoration of the beheading of St. John the Baptist. Recognizing that this act of violence against God's prophet took place largely because of feasting and drunkenness, we fast on this day. Wine and oil are allowed.

This year, we will also remember the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack that occurred on this date in 2001. With Bishop Peter's blessing, we will add several special petitions to the liturgy, and serve a Litya for the Orthodox victims of the attack after the Liturgy.


Prayer Requests

For the Health and Salvation.

  • David
  • Elizabeth
  • Priests Jean and Grégoire & all the faithful and suffering of Haiti.
  • The suffering people of East Japan.
  • The suffering people of Minot, ND

For a more complete listing, please see our parish prayer list. Anyone can make requests.

Schedule of Divine Services in the Coming week

Saturday 9/10

  • 4PM Confession
  • 5PM Vigil

Sunday 9/11. Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

  • 10AM  Divine Liturgy
  • 12:45PM Sunday School

Monday 9/12

  • 7:30PM Molieben

Wednesday 9/14

  • 6:30PM Vespers

Thursday 9/15

  • (Time TBA) Liturgy

Saturday 9/17

  • 4PM Confession
  • 5PM Vigil

Sunday 9/18.

  • 10AM  Divine Liturgy
  • 12:45PM Sunday School

Fasting in the Coming weeks

We fast normally now. We abstain from meat, dairy, wine and oil on Wednesdays and Fridays.

In addition, Sunday September 11th is a fast day, because of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

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