Understanding the Law of God in the Paraklesis Canon, Ode 5



New for the old, and old for the new (although at least some parishes chant this canon weekly); we are currently chanting the Small Canon to the Theotokos in the Paraklesis service nightly, and giving short meditations on the content of this beautiful prayer.

A meditation on the 5th Ode of the Small Paraklesis Canon to the Theotokos, especially about how to understand the law of God. It is not even close to what the West thinks! The following hymns are discussed:

"Lord, enlighten us by Thy precepts and by thy commands; and by the power of Thy lofty arm bestow Thy peace upon us all, since Thou art Friend of man."

"Dissipate the gloom of my trespasses, O bride of God, with the clear brightness of thy radiance; for thou didst bear the Light divine which was before all-time."

"Heal me, O Pure one, of the sickness which the passions bring, and make me worthy of a guardiancy; and by thy prayers intercessions grant thou health to me."

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