The new law of the land regarding Smart Phones.

Cell Phone notice.


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In a recent homily, I called these marvels of technology "stupid phones". Sure, they have uses, and I would love to have GPS for directions and to use when running, but many people are losing their ability to pay attention.

Prayer is a very "no cell phone like" activity. It is long, and has many extended discursions. It is not possible to get little sound bytes – to benefit you gotta listen to all of it!

Our society is losing its sense of beauty, and also beauty in prayer. The stupid phone obsession is not causing this, but is is part of it.

Buck the trend! Come to vigil, stand, listen and pray! All your messages will be there when you are done.

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  1. Kyriaki says:

    Thank you, Father!!  I heartily agree and am saddened to acknowledge that we are losing our appreciation for, and even our awareness of the need for beauty, and our capabilty to create beauty in writing, visual art, live performances….  How comforting to know that the Church holds firm to things which might not be thought of as "theological" or "doctrinal" but so necessary for life!

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