Cactus flowers, appropriately, during Bright Week 2011!


This cactus was taken from "Little Mount Athos" which is a rock outcropping on Possum Kingdom lake, during the St Peter the Aleut Summer Camp, 2010. I grew it outside for a while, but is was it a place where it got trampled, so I transferred it to one of my favorite pots, a used coffee can from my favorite coffee.

The flower appeared on Bright Week, 2011

"Little Mount Athos, the bluff to the left, on Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas. From!/photo.php?pid=2124132&id=597862077

This little survivor came from here, the rock outcropping to the right we call "Little Mount Athos".  (link below)












St Peter the Aleut Summer Camp 2010. Picture and reflections. (including Little Mount Athos)

A metaphor: cactus, a priest and a little church

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