Like any parish, we have some local TRADITIONS.

One very dear to my heart is that the youth, and generally my children and grandchildren, read the Psalm 118 parts during the Friday lamentations.




We  throw rose petals before the Gospel is read on Holy Saturday. I was very surprised some time ago to learn that everyone does not do this. It is one of my favorite traditions.


Another tradition, related to the one above, is the the little girls and boys scramble to pick up all the petals




A new FAVORITE tradition is the use of battery candles for the little ones. We instituted this important tradition after a Holy Friday lamentations service that was filled with way too many shrieks and tears because of spilled candle wax on little fingers.


Usually we do not know when a tradition begins. In this case, we have recorded it here:

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  1. nina says:

    these are wonderful….may the Risen Christ watch and protect all of you!

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