He reckoned up the value of the oil of myrrh, and yet was not afraid to sell thee who art above all price. Judas and us. Holy Thursday Liturgy.

The Last Supper


Synopsis: On Holy Thursday we remember the institution of the Eucharist, and how it is salvific for man – but not for all. Much of our hymnology for this day speaks of Judas and his betrayal of the Lord. If we listen carefully, Judas is not just a historical figure far removed from us, but we will feel deeply that we have dangerous similarities to him. Judas fell into the insanity of deicide because of long-standing passions, and bad choices, In a word, he had bad priorities. This point is "hammered home" in many hymns, such as the one we choose to discuss:
Judas the transgressor at the supper /
dipped his hand into the dish with Thee, O Lord, /
yet sinfully he reached out his hands to receive the money. /
He reckoned up the value of the oil of myrrh, and yet was not afraid to sell Thee who art above all price. /
He stretched out his feet to be washed, yet deceitfully he kissed the Master
and betrayed Him to the breakers of the Law. /
Cast out of the company of the apostles, /
he threw away the thirty pieces of silver, /
and did not see Thy Resurrection on the third day. //
Through this Thy Resurrection have mercy on us.
(Praises, Matins of Holy Thursday, Tone 2)

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