Clean Friday 2011. The Spoil of the poor and other posts.

The Lord himself shall enter into judgment with the elders of the people, and with their rulers: but why have ye set my vineyard on fire, and why is the spoil of the poor in your houses?

Friday in the First Week – At the Sixth Hour – Is 3:1-14

Why is the spoil of the poor in your houses?

The Lord asks a question of the Jews through the prophet. Does this question apply to us? …

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The Lord is righteous and hath loved righteousness; upon uprightness hath His countenance looked. (Prokeimenon, from Psalm 10, 6th tone, for Wednesday in the First Week of Great Lent)

 Why be righteous? It can be so hard sometimes. …

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Thou knowest our frame, thou knowest our weakness, O Lover of mankind; we have sinned, but have not turned away from Thee, O God, nor have we stretched out our hands to a strange god. Spare us in Thy goodness, O Compassionate One.
Wednesday in the First Week, Sixth Hour: Troparion of the Prophecy, 4th Tone



In the course of life, a Christian may feel joy and sadness, grief and exultation, compunction and fervent desire, but he should never feel alone. How can we be alone, when the Lord has already walked the difficult path of human life and fulfilled all righteousness for us?


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Compendium of materials about Great Lent

What is the triumph of Orthodoxy? A short synopsis of the historical background, then discussion of what this triumph is for the individual. It involves "faith", understanding that the pleasures of sin are for a season, and believing that a good thing CAN come out of Nazareth.


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