Holy Protection Cathedral Nativity Photos.

I received notice of some photos from Nativity, at Holy Protection Russian Orhtodox Chiurch, Des Plaines, IL. These are picutres relatied to their Nativity celebration. Vladyka Peter, Protodeacon Vadim, and Subdeacon Andrei, who were recently at our Patronal feast, are in some of these pictures. Fr Nicholas needs to study these pictures and learn to look fierce like Fr Vadim!


The Photos are on the Facbook Page: "Russian Orthodox Cathedral" at this link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2110240&id=1199811653

Here are a few.

Fr Vadim, Reader Leony, and Fr Alexander. I

Rough looking group. I would not want to meet them in a back alley! 🙂

Protodeacon Vadim, Reader Leonty, Deacon Alexander.


Subdeacon Andrew, Reader Leony, Eugene.

Leonty is smilling when he is not between the two deacons. Coincidence? I think not.

Subdeacon Andrei on the left

Fr Vadim, if you were a sheepdog and I was a cow, I would be scared of you! 🙂

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