A quiet milestone on the blog and a request.

I have been a little out of juice in the blogging world lately, and have not posted to Redeeming the Time for a while (not from lack of material – our website has tons of stuff on the Nativity, including the Sundays preceding it and Sunday after it), and therefore missed a little milestone.

For about 2 years now, the blog has been keeping stats. It is a small part of our website's overall usage, but in two years time, it has grown from:

410 views in December, 2009

to at least 4000 views a month since October 2009

and now averages about 5000 views a month.

Total views since we have been keeping track is 101,906 (and growing – not like the Google Storage statistic, but still, growing).

If a link to our blog was listed in the links of more Orthodox blogs (we seem to be a "well kept" secret, despite (or because of) our limited abilities and efforts in "social networking") our growth would increase.

We have an ambition to give the blog a facelift, since it is very plain, and have started, but the pace is slow, and our time and abilities in web design are weak (and outdated).  Eventually, the entire website is hoped to be a WordPress installation, and when that happens, our monthly readership will be over 125,000 pages, since our yearly page views over the entire website is a little over 1.5 million.

You can help.

1. Suggest the blog as a link to other blogs. We will exchange links in many cases.

2. If you think the blog is really worthwhile, add a link to it in your email signature, like this:

Redeeming the Time blog http://www.orthodox.net/redeemingthetime

You could also republish links from Fr Seraphim's Facebook page (Priest-Seraphim Holland) or Twitter account (http://twitter.com/seraphimholland).

3. Lend your expertise in redesigning the blog and creating "pages' for all the content on our website.

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