Parish Newsletter Nov 1/14 2010. Chantus Maximus, Pledge Drive, My Mother and more.


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St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
McKinney, Texas
Electronic Newsletter, November 14, 2010 ns


On Sunday November 21st, the Chantus Maximus Men's Choir will visit our parish to sing Vespers at 7pm.

Chantus Maximus was formed at St. Maximus the Confessor Orthodox Church in Denton, Texas, in October 2009. The group explores the traditional male choir music of the Russian Church, as well as its Byzantine counterpart. A large of the group's repertoire is made up of Znamenny and Byzantine chant, as well as 4-part choral music. The group has sung for several services at St. Maximus, including services for Holy Week, Pascha, and parts of the Hierarchical Liturgy.

Currently, Chantus Maximus is performing a small tour of the DFW Metroplex during (or near to, for those who follow the traditional calendar, as in our case) the Nativity Fast, in effort to raise money for the St. Maximus Building Fund.

In addition to singing at several church services during this tour, the group will also be presenting concerts of traditional Orthodox hymns for the feast of the Nativity.

We will host"Chantus Maximus" and the faithful with a small meal after Vespers. In deference to the fast which for those who follow the New Calendar has already begun (our fast will not have begun yet), we will serve fasting food (with wine and oil allowed).

We will also have a collection basket for those who wish to contribute to the building Fund of St Maximus. We have been blessed by God to build a new temple, even though we did not have all the funds, and have benefited greatly from alms given in the DFW area from our brothers and sisters. Currently, at least three other churches are either building or planning to build. Our sympathies and prayers are with them. Building a new temple has been the hardest and the most important thing we have accomplished in our short history.

We are in the midst of our fall stewardship campaign. Please remember to fill out your pledge form (a copy is included at the end of this newsletter) and return it to Dn. Nicholas or place it in the donation box.

From Fr Seraphim: I repeat my earnest pastoral desire for my entire flock: that everyone pledges something. I am not concerned about the amount, but I am concerned with the commitment. Listen to the Apostle Paul; he is saying the same thing I am teaching you:

"For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not." (2Corinthians 8:12)

A Note from Fr Seraphim

My mother is sick and may repose soon (before the end of the year). Her name is Patricia.   She is a lifelong Roman Catholic. Marina and I are going to see her for what probably will be the last time in this life over the Thanksgiving Holiday. All the children (my brother and sister) will also be there. Because of my travel schedule, our usual services during the week of Thanksgiving will be compressed into Sunday evening and Monday morning and evening.

This coming week is a normal schedule.

The week after that is Thanksgiving week, and there will be no services (as we usually have) on Wednesday or Thursday (Thanksgiving), but I will be back in time for all weekend services. See the schedule below, or our online calendar.

I would be grateful if you prayed for my mother, Patricia.

Priest Seraphim

Our new facility brings with it many new maintenance and upkeep tasks. Matushka Marina and Reader David Hawthorne need volunteers to help get all the work done.If you can give a few hours of our time to help care for God's house, please contact Matushka Marina, Reader David or Deacon Nicholas and we'll tell you how you can help.

We have a list of things our parish needs. If you or somebody you know wish to supply one of these items, please contact us.

Commemorations from the past week and the coming weeks:

  • On Sunday, November 11th, Michael Daum celebrates his name day. Many years!

If you have corrections or additions, e-mail Deacon Nicholas. We would love to announce your birthdays and anniversaries as well, but our records are very incomplete, so please give us this information.

Prayer Requests

For the Health and Salvation.

  • Yuliya Guzman
  • Kateryna (Kayla) Bayda.
  • David and Elizabeth Ash.
  • Priests Jean and Grégoire and all the faithful and suffering of Haiti
  • Not Orthodox:Patricia

For a more complete listing, please see our parish prayer list.

If you have prayer requests for the ill, for those with special needs or in difficult circumstance or for the departed, please e-mail Priest Seraphim or Deacon Nicholas

Schedule of Divine Services in the Coming week

Saturday, 11/13/10.

  • Parish Council Meeting, 3:30pm.
  • Confessions, 4pm.
  • Vigil, 5pm.

Sunday, 11/14/10.

  • Divine Liturgy, 10am.
  • Church School (elementary and high school), 12:45pm

Monday, 11/15/10.

  • Molieben, 7:00pm.

Wednesday, 11/17/10.

  • Vespers, 7:30pm.
Thursday, 11/18/10
  • Liturgy, 9am.
Saturday, 11/20/10.

  • Pannykhida for Metropolitan Philaret, 4pm
  • Confessions, 4:30pm.
  • Vigil, 5pm.

Sunday, 11/21/10.

  • Divine Liturgy, 10am.
  • Church School (elementary and adult), 12:45pm
  • Vespers (or St Nektarios) sung by Chantus Maximus Men's Choir, 7pm

Monday, 11/22/10.

  • Divine Liturgy, 9am.
  • Moleben (probably the paraklesis to St Nektarios) 7 PM


  • No services, because Fr Seraphim will be out of town.
Sat Nov 27

  • All services again as usual.
Our ongoing calendar of services is posted here:

Our "Redeeming the Time" blog usually has at least several posts a week –

Fasting in the Coming week:

Wednesday and Friday of this week are fast days as usual.

Pledge Form 2011


Name: ______________________________________________


We would like to pledge the following amount toward St. Nicholas' general operating expenses for 2011:


Amount: _____________         weekly         monthly             (circle one)

                                                            fixed          estimate             (circle one)


(If monthly) We will usually pay our pledge on or about the ____________ Sunday of each month.


Please return this form to the treasurer, Dn. Nicholas,

or place in the donation box at church.


  1. Father, we'll pray for your mother. And will ask those who pray & can pray to do it.
    May God shows His mercy on her! And on all of us.
    I remain yours in Christ,

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