To Pray For Someone More Diligently. Prayer Of St Silouan Of Mount Athos For All People. Audio talk and prayer texts.


This is another in our short after liturgy catechetical talks. We discuss 2 prayers that everyone should have for their personal prayer rule. The prayer of St Silouan is especially important. St Silouan prayed for all the people of the world. This is a sure sign of love. We must cultivate habits that build this kind of love. The audio explains a little about these prayers and quotes them. The word document contains these two prayers. It can be printed and cut into quarters to have 4 sheets with both prayers.

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To pray for someone more diligently


Save, O Lord, and have mercy on Thy servant(s) ________, [bow]


Deliver him (her, them) from every tribulation, wrath and need [bow],


From every sickness of soul and body, [bow]


Forgive him (her, them) every transgression, voluntary and involuntary, [bow]


And do whatever is profitable for our souls. [bow].




Prayer of St Silouan of Mount Athos


I pray Thee, O merciful Lord, for all the peoples of the world, that they may come to know Thee by the Holy Spirit.



1st prayer from the “Old Believer” prayer book. 2nd from Archimandrite Zacharias, “The Enlargement of the Heart”



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