Feasts of the Theotokos – Dormition Explanation of the Dormition troparion.

We can learn almost everything that we need to know from listening and praying in the services.

The Dormition troparion, “In giving birth Thou did preserve Thy virginity,” proclaims our belief, that the Theotokos was a virgin before birth, during birth and after birth. And if you want to have this explained, then you do not understand. It is a mystery that we cannot understand, but the Church has been unanimous about this for well over a millennium, almost two millennia. …

The entire troparion is explained.

Short talk on the Transfiguration

1. The story, summarized.
2. What does this teach us about Jesus Christ?
3. What does this teach us about ourselves?
4. Why did it occur when it did?
5. Why were Moses and Elias present?
6. What other event in our Lord’s life has obvious similarities to the Transfiguration?
7. Blessing of fruit, especially grapes.
8. OT Scripture for the Feast
9. The most important “take home message” scripture for the feast.

Parable of the Vineyard. We must bear fruit. Audio Homily 2010.

All parables have multiple meanings. Many, sucb as the one about the vineyard, had an immediate meaning intended for the original audience, and also contain instruction for all Christians. The immediate meaning and symbolism of the parable is discussed, then the most important “take home” point: we must bear fruit.

Parable of the Evil Husbandmen in the Vineyard 13th Sunday after Pentecost Mat 21:33-44. Text Homily.

All Scripture helps us to learn about God. It gives us promises. It teaches us how to live. It teaches us how not to live by giving us the opposite example. It also gives us a pattern and a role for living.

Today, in this parable about the vineyard, we can see all these things. On the surface, there is a strong rebuke of the Jews, because of their rejection of the Messiah. Some of the Jews were the ones, of course, that were the husbandmen who killed the Householder’s servants and even His son. The Jews understood this when He rebuked them. Have no doubt about it. This was one of the things that led them to plot to kill Him.

We not only see the negative example of the Jews, but also a pattern for how to live. If you look at how carefully God created the vineyard, and His continual entreating of the householders and what he required of them, you can see that this is, in microcosm, the Christian life. And you can see how to live and how not to live. And then, with a little explanation, with an understanding of the mind of the Church of what fruits are and what some of the symbolism is, you can see how this parable doesn’t just apply to the wicked Jews who killed the Savior. It applies to us, who are wicked if we do not do the work that we are called to do in the vineyard.

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Transfiguration Human nature in the Midst of the Divine Luke 9:28-36. New Text Homily.

We say today, brothers and sisters, that humanity can meet Divinity; Humanity can see Divinity; Humanity can be part of Divinity.

In the Old Testament Moses, saw the back parts of God; he was hidden in the cleft of a rock; he didn’t see that much [1]. But now, face to face, man is with God. Jesus Christ showing He is fully God, shining as the light. …

The Rich Young Ruler The main points are about hidden passions, ignorance About God and self and, yes, money too. New Text Homily.

Brothers and sisters, we should take care. There might be some hidden passion in us that keeps us from the Kingdom of God.

We may try to follow the Commandments; we might fast; we might pray; we might do good works in many ways, in many things, but we might have something we hold onto that is ungodly that keeps us from the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the main story here today, about the rich man when he asks the topic that involves money and commandments.

But the take-home story is that there might be something wrong with you that you are not aware of. …

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Parable of the Unmerciful Debtor A “Kingdom of Heaven” parable. Gratitude and self knowledge lead to forgiving others. Text Homily.

… This is one of the Kingdom of Heaven parables. Whenever you hear that in the Scriptures, it is about how you need to live, the kind of person you need to be to obtain Heaven. Since it describes the Kingdom of Heaven, perhaps some think maybe it is referring the hereafter. No, the Kingdom of Heaven parables are primarily about how to live now.

And He says, the Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto “something”, and then He describes some parable. Sometimes it’s long; sometimes it’s short, but it is always about how we should live. Sometimes there is an example also about how we should not live. But it’s always about how to obtain the Kingdom by applying the examples given to the way we live.

Our Lord begins the parable: …

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