Electronic Newsletter, June 27, 2010 ns

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
McKinney, Texas
Electronic Newsletter, June 27, 2010 ns

"Since we have been baptized, let us take care that our soul remains swept and garnished but never empty. Our soul should always be filled with the Holy Spirit and then the evil spirit, when he comes anywhere near us, will be filled with fear and will not be able to enter us."
– From "Redeeming the Time." See the entire post here.


Our new facility brings with it new maintenance and upkeep tasks. The main venues for keeping our church beautiful are the sisterhood under the leadership of Matushka Marina and the brotherhood under the leadership of our Warden, Reader David Hawthorne. New members, and more active old members, are always welcome! Please help!

We have again updated and prioritized our list of things our parish needs. If you or somebody you know wish to supply one of these items, please contact us.

We will not be holding our usual Tuesday Vespers, Wednesday Liturgy or Thursday Molieben this week, since Fr. Seraphim will be at the St. Peter the Aleut children's summer camp.

This Saturday is the commemoration of St. John of San Francisco, the Wonderworker, a great saint of our century and our land, and the patron saint of our parish brotherhood. We will hold services Friday evening and Saturday morning.


Prayer Requests


For the Health and Salvation.

  • Priests Jean and Grégoire and all the faithful and suffering of Haiti
  • Elizabeth Ash.

For the Repose. Please pray for the repose of the recently departed servants of God, who have reposed within the last forty days:

  • Dr. John Johnstone. 6/4 ns."Herr Doctor" was a dear friend of Fr Seraphim and family in St Louis. He was about 90. 

For a more complete listing, please see our parish prayer list.

If you have prayer requests for the ill, for those with special needs or in difficult circumstance or for the departed, please e-mail Priest Seraphim or Deacon Nicholas


Schedule of Divine Services in the Coming week

(All services will be held in the new location at 708 S. Chestnut, McKinney TX 75069):

Saturday, 6/26/10

  • Sisterhood garage sale, 7am.
  • Confessions, 4pm.
  • Vigil, 5pm.

Sunday, 6/27/10.

  • Divine Liturgy, 10am.
  • Church School, 12:45pm.
Friday, 7/2/10.
  • Vigil or Vespers for St. John of San Francisco, 7pm
Saturday, 7/3/10

  • Liturgy for St. John of San Francisco, 9am.
  • Brotherhood meeting following the Liturgy.
  • Confessions, 4pm.
  • Vigil, 5pm.

Sunday, 7/4/10.

  • Divine Liturgy, 10am.
  • Church School, 12:45pm.

Our ongoing calendar of services through is posted here:

Our "Redeeming the Time" blog usually has at least several posts a week – http://www.orthodox.net/redeemingthetime.


Fasting in the Coming week:

The apostles' fast continues until the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul on Monday, July 12th. During this fast, we fast from meat, fish, dairy, eggs, wine and oil, with the following exeptions:

  • Fish, wine and oil are allowed on Saturday and Sunday
  • Wine and oil are allowed on Tuesday and Thursday
  • This week, Fish is allowed on Monday (in honor of St. Jonah of Moscow) and Friday (in honor of the Apostle Jude).

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