A most beautiful bush.

This is what we we fighting for tonight. We submitted a request to the city to be allowed to put up a "living fence" of Nellie R Stevens Hollies around the inside perimeter of our property instead of building a concrete fence, which was FAR beyond our means.

Tonight, the Planning and Zoning Commission of the city of McKinney accepted our request!

Many people in the parish have been directly involved in persuading the city to accept our request, and literally people from all over the country have been praying for us for several weeks.

Our prayers and efforts with prayer have been answered, and we will be installing the hedge tomorrow. There is a good chance that the city will approve everything this week, and our first vigil and liturgy will be this weekend. In any case, we will soon be in our new home.

Thanks to all that have supported us – by your encouragement, prayers and alms.

Your support has meant the world to me, as the building process has had many disappointments and "impossibilities". We will no doubt have many more, as we get into our temple with many friends, and little money, and at the moment little energy – but with God's help we will have enough of that soon enough.

Nellie R Stevens winter berries

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  1. Elizabeth C. says:

    Glory to God! We've been praying also and it is so good to see some GOOD news! I guess it's GOD news. 🙂
    Elizabeth Creasman

  2. David A. says:

    All of this is the fulfillment of a dream that we all have. That dream was prayer and that prayer was heard! Glory be to God! Glory be to God that he would use us to build his temple!
    In Christ,

  3. EMW says:

    How wonderful and marvelous!  Congratulations, Pastor Seraphim, and to all your church members.  May God bless you.

  4. Kyriaki says:

    Glory to God!
    What a relief! 

  5. Glory to God! I am so relieved — I and my friends have been anxiously praying for this to come to pass! I am only sorry I could not be there at the meeting yesterday; I had planned to, but my water heater sprung a leak and I had to stay while the flood restoration service was tearing out my laminate floors and moving the furniture and piano around. (Again, Glory to God, nothing except the flooring and a little drywall was damaged, and my insurance covers most of it. It's only the disruption and chaos and having to sleep elsewhere that is a bit trying.)
    I am so happy for the wonderful news!!!

  6. That is wonderful!  A fence that gives back and is a pleasure to look at.  Congradulations – praise God.

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