Stoning of Holy Proto-martyr Stephen. Third Monday of Pascha – Acts 6:8-7:5, 47-60.

A discussion of Acts 6:8-7:5, 47-60, the stoning of the Holy Proto-martyr Stephen, read on the 3rd Monday of Pascha.

Why do we read Acts & the Gospel of John during the Pascha season?
Government may be legal, but it is not always “lawful”.
Reading the Scripture: Compare, and “Take Note”.

We see in the stoning of Stephen a major passion which has been responsible for every kind of sin against humanity …

Stephen was able to defend the truth because he lived the truth…


The Myrrhbearing women – how to live in microcosm. Audio Homily 2010.

he story of the myrhhbearers is like ours, in microcosm. Life is full of moments when we must “become bold” as Joseph (and the myrhhbearers) did, and do what is right, even if we do not how we can accomplish the task (roll away the stone and deal with the armed guards) or what will come of it. Even when we have accomplished something, or grace visits us, we may not recognize it or understand it, just like the myrrhbearers, who were afraid after hearing the announcement of the resurrection from the angel. The myrhhbearers who us the way – do what is right, or even what we think is right, no matter ho “possible” it seems or how likely that the outcome will be pleasing, and in time, all will be revealed to us. This Gospel continues the theme of how the enlightenment of the resurrection is actualized in us.

Saint Thomas Sunday. Realism About The Resurrection. Audio Homily 2010

SYNOPSIS:Of all the resurrection stories, perhaps the one concerning St Thomas is the one we can most relate to. He is the “common man”, who was later able to do uncommon things. We are just like him, so our path of life must also be like his, which is the Christian life in microcosm. He, like us, was a complex indivicdual, believing, then faint of heart, couargeous, then full of fear. The one thing that he did that we must do to be saved is to endure, and “believe in the midst of our unbelief”. If we do this, we are not far away from the supernatural exploits of St Thomas, the Apostle.

Also other links to homilies on St Thomas Sunday.

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Condemned to Immortality: A meditation on the Resurrection Archiamandrite Justin Popovic

People condemned God to death; with His Resurrection He condemned them to immortality. For striking Him, God returned embraces; for insults, blessings; for death, immortality. Never did men show more hate towards God than when they crucified Him; and God never showed His love towards people more than when He was resurrected. Mankind wanted to… Continue reading Condemned to Immortality: A meditation on the Resurrection Archiamandrite Justin Popovic

Pascha: Sin and death are conquered.

What is it that we celebrate, brothers and sisters, what do we celebrate today?

We celebrate two healings: the God-man, with His two natures – a son twice – healed us of death and sin. And if you read carefully this gospel, it speaks of this . . . not openly, but in a way that is mystical and spiritual. …